Can they be other places?

I know most of us are here because we have brain aneurysms. Since we have them in our brains, can we have them elsewhere too? Should we be getting checked?

Are they are not as severe since the bleed is not on the brain? Just found out my uncle has to go have one operated on November 22nd in his back. It hasn't been a problem for most of his life but is now at a point that it risks rupture. That's all I know. Not the size or placement. But no one else in my family has any other Annie's unless they just haven't been checked.

Just had appointment with the kids doc and my 15 year old son is going to be checked by Children's Hospital soon since he sometimes complains of headaches. My 10 year old daughter may be checked later, but they feel she is too young to consider and she has not had any symptoms.

Sorry this is all random thinking. Not having a very good weekend and I guess I'm thinking of all the negatives right now. Sometimes I'm grateful for Mondays since they can mean a new beginning to a new week which gives me a new outlook! LOL So maybe I should just go to bed and start over again tomorrow.

I think this is a good question. Maybe you can post it on Ask the Doctor and one of the Docs will answer. What do you think about that?

Yes, people can have aneurysms in other places in their bodies. Besides in the brain (Cerebral Aneurysm) there’s aortic (heart), spleenic (in the spleen), renal (kidney), liver, popliteal (lower leg), thoracic aortic (aortic aneurysm down from the heart) as well as other places in the body. Aneurysms are more common than formerly thought, but many, many people go through their whole lives with a aneurysm without knowing about it or having a rupture.

I’m glad you’re getting your son checked, but please talk to you doctor about your feelings.

Let us know how your uncle makes out.

To add to Julie’s list, my cousin had an abdominal aneurysm that rupture. He did not survive. But he also had other conditions that made the rupture more likely (e.g., overweight and poor diet, uncontrolled high blood pressure). So one of the things I took from this is that even if I do have aneurysms in other places the likelihood of rupture is significantly lessened if I focus on my diet and fitness. I’ve started to do that through activities that I enjoy like dance. Zumba nation…

I agree precise answers would be a doctor question but as far as I know anywhere you have arteries you could have an aneurysm. Brain ones are particulary bad because if they burst there isn’t much of anywhere for the blood to go inside your skull.