Can somebody help me with the site?

I am still learning of how to use the site. Can somebody tell me how to send a comment without replying to a message ? I also want to understand about the gifts : what do these gifts mean ? and how to send a comment to the person who sent them ?

Thank you

Hi Michele, you are already doing it right, you have sent. Comment asking and you have done that. To send a comment to someone who has responded to you just hit the reply and it wil bring up a box. For you to type in your reply. You must the hit Add reply which is at the bottom of this box.
On your own page there is a discussion section if you hit that you can add a comment that anybody can reply to. Hope this is helpful.
. Hugs Lynn

Thank you Lynn. To reply, this I knew, but I have some questions:

- I tried to post a message: the site said I cannot write more than a few characters

- When I want to send a comment to someone who has not written to me: so there is no reply: I didn't find how

- what are the gifts for ? What do they mean ? Do I have to pay for it if I wanted to send one ?

- to send a comment, do you have to join each different group ?

- Finally, people are nice and welcomed me but before I answered I wanted to know more about them: I saw their comments but not their profile or what is their special aneurysm ?

Last, somebody gave me the name of an australian Neuro radiologist: :I wanted to write to him, I could not find how to write to him.

I am in Paris France, so it is now and I am exhausted. So I'll go to sleep and I would look for your answer tomorrow. Don't bother respond now.

Thanks a lot ! I'd love to ask you questions about your own illness and your experiences. Can we chat tomorrow or Sunday ? France is 6 hours ahead. I alway have my computer on and my connection one but I'll be asleep.

Good day Lynn.


Hi sorta have to just try things and see if it works or not...I was like you when I first came to the site...and now I can get around the place...I gave you notes on how to write a "Discussion" to the main forum and you did this if you want to write to someone ... just click on their picture and go to their page and write under their profile...if you want it private then request them to be a "Friend" on the right hand top corner of this far as the ribbons ... they are free to give to anyone on this site...the other items you buy through "paypal"....which I donot have and donot know how to I really can't help you there...

Hope this helped....let me know if you need something else...Colleen

Hi Colleen:

Thank you very much. I didn't have much time lately unfortunately to really get acquainted with the site. Something happened in my life almost as disturbing as my aneurysm and I have to take care of it as well ! Also. I must confess that I am not good at this sort of things. It's strange because I know how to build computers but to get around sites like facebook, myspace, or watever I am a...."dumb" - lol !

talk to you in a week. I think I'll have more time. Thank you again and good luck.


Hi Lynn: sorry for the delay but I've been busy because something else hapened in my life that can be very damaging as well: not medical but something concerning my apartment and it is making me very upset.

I read your story and I want to ask you: Did you have your surgery ? How did it go ? How are you feeling ? In France as I said I couldn't find 2 doctors saying the same thing. Did you go to have second opinion ? And did they agree of the type of surgery they each would do on you ? Where are you located ?

I hope you are feeling ok. Please let me know.