Can I.....?

I’m very new to this. Trying to think of everything to ask the doc. Can I have sex? Can I fly? Any other questions I should be asking about a 3 mm unruptured annie that is being monitored?

just ask him what limitations do you have, if he says none , good for you !!

Im still new to the recovery of surgery ..I will try to help with the things I do know .. if you smoke , STOP , stress and blood presure are major additives for growing bigger ,,But the good news is they take a LONG time to enlarge . has anyone else in your family had one ? I dont know of good questions to ask , I know some ppl never ever have them grow any bigger ... so may you be one of them ..god bless and good luck !

Watch the video that's posted on the main page about aneurysms - both doctors interviewed say no restrictions, which is also what my doctor says (I had one coiled, and 2 watch and wait ones). Easier advice to say than to take, but I'm trying to live by it. Went to a great strenuous yoga class today!!!

Hi to your Doctor...they should be able to help you with your limitations...

Healing thoughts your way...Colleen

Hi Carmell,

I have one coiled annie and a 4.5 mm being monitored and was told only last week by my Surgeon, there are no restrictions to everyday living, live life to the max, Have sex, exercise, eat well, enjoy.

The only two things he said should be avoided are Smoking at all costs, and anything that causes you to beardown or is it baredown??? make you clench your teeth and grimace...... In other words lifting something too heavy to a straining point or straining whilst going to the bathroom. Must be the things that make us pull an ugly face really are not that good for you :)

Took me a long time to actually feel confident enough to take this advice for myself, but life is so much better now that I am.

Best Wishes


My doctor said flying was perfectly fine....didn't ask about the sex though, sorry can't help you on that one!

This is the same advice I was given for my watch and wait annies, 1 is 3mm, 1 is 2mm and I don't know the size of the 3rd. NO smoking and no bungee jumping, lifting heavy objects or straining that puts massive pressure on the head/brain. So, other than the lifing heavy objects, this has had no effect on my lifestyle. It's also very important to keep blood pressure under control.

Your best bet is to ask your neurosurgeon. I have restrictions, because of the location of my aneurysm. So each situation is different, which is why some people have restrictions and some don't have any.

Gotta Love Jim's response!!

I think you should speak with your doctor tho! Each doctor may have different restrictions depending on where, how big, etc. the annie is. I had a 9mm stented with the PED and a 2mm watch and wait and basically have no restrictions other than heavy lifting.

Good Luck!


lol thanks for the advice:)

This is true if you fly any other airline besides Continental. Continental allows it as long as you are covered by a blanket.