Can I just whine and complain today...just for today!

Hi all, Just got out the hospital 2 days ago…For those of you who don’t know me I had a clipping 11-16-10 for a right opthalmic annie and then back in surgery for a leak coming out of my nose 11-22-10. Off work for 4 months and went back 3 days a week. So, I started to develop a headache in right eye about 7 days ago and I was like oh crap here we go again. The 5th day couldn’t handle the headache and pain in right eye, it also feels like something is scratching the back of my eye. So off to the ER we go,. They admit me. Neuro team finds nothing, ENT team finds nothing. But, they didn’t call my Neuro Eye doc in. WTF! MY roommate is fighting to no end with her husband, it was loud and ugly. My head is pounding and I told the docs release me. I can’t get better here. I would rather lay in my own bed and get better and take my antibiotics at home. So, I have an appointment with my Neuro eye doc. next tuesday. And I just have a feeling she is going to find something. I am just frustrated and feel a little depressed. I need some words of encouragement or something. I feel like I am such a burden to my husband. Hence he has to take off work to take me to the hospital. I feel like I am a burden to my co-workers. I can’t be there this week because I have so much pain in my right eye. I work at a hospital and certainly couldn’t take care of patients while on hydrocodone. I am a mess over here. It has taken me forever to write this because of my eye. Had to make font larger so I could see too…Thanks for listening to me feel sorry for myself today. I try not to feel sorry for my self too much. I think Of the good things mostly. Like I am alive. But, today I just can’t shake the poor me syndrome. Would someone like to whip me into shape…??? Hope you all are doing well and I pray for your daily…peace

sorry to hear ur having trouble…we all hope that once we have surgery it is the light at the end of the tunnel,but in some cases its not so…we have to gain some sort of control over recovery…meaning peace n quiet…seems like the roommate doesnt understand or care about the severity of your procedure…please dont feel guilty for having to depend on ur loved ones to help in getting better,ur husband loves you n the words are “for better or worse” im sure u would do the same for him…ive been married for 24 yrs n God puts special people n our lives for a reason…we cant be strong 24/7 no matter how hard we try…so it helps to be able to lean on the strength n support of our husbands…i would let the roomy know you cant put up with the yellfest…lol…take the arguments elsewhere…your health n recovery are top priority…dont mean to sound cold hearted but ur brain cant handle this when trying to get back on track…my 5mm anny ruptured in oct 09, it took about a yr to feel back to normal n i still have off days…but only with the help of my husband n kids…their very empathetic…i thank the Good Lord above …i will keep u n my prayers for a speedy resolve n recovery…if things get worse please call ur nuero optomologist…dont make it wait…love n prayers coming ur way…michelle-n-texas

Hi Meleah - I don't have time right now to re-write my eye-pain story - but if you go to my page and search my posts, you'll find where I posted about it - sounds very very much like what you're experiencing. And I was, in fact, fine. It's gone away and hasn't returned. Do I think it was related? Yeah, probably. But it led to nothing - that's the important thing.


Hope things are going better-please post to inform us.