Brand Plavix vs. generic (clopidogrel)

Has anyone “experimented” with using the brand name Plavix and its generic equivalent? I was on the brand for two months post op, then when the generic came out I was naturally forced into taking it via insurance. After a recent trip to the ER (which turned out fine - CTA was normal) my husband suggested I go back on the brand name. After some minor frustration with insurance (they only cover it at 50%, which is over $100), I found that the Plavix website is offering their prescription at $37 through listed pharmacies. The generic was $20, so the price is worth it (was $40 for brand when no generic was available). Anyway, to get to the point - I feel SO much better on the brand!! My headaches have lessened considerably, I feel much less groggy, less bone-tired, I can stay up later and still function the next day, and the brain fog has lifted!! It’s like a miracle has taken place, really. Hoping for some feedback, and that others find the same results/relief.

Have not noticed a difference between the two. I also switched from name brand to generic and have not noticed a difference.

The drug in them is exactly the same. The other things in the tablet may differ, but are unlikely to have any noticeable effects. It's probably coincidence. Save money, get the generic.

A lot of times people are allergic to the mixers (aka inactive ingredients) that they put in the generics. It's not abnormal to have a reaction because the chemical makeup is different -- they may use the same drugs but use a different base, or dye, or even just a ingredient from a different region of the world that might use a different water supply. You're blessed that you figured this out, Sarah, makes me wonder since the generic they have at Walgreen's was from a different supplier than the generic they used at Hopkins. Here's an article that's pretty interesting to read.

Thank you Tara, for your support, and for that great article! I enjoyed the read, it made sense to me. My husband is thoroughly convinced, and after my current experimentation, I'm convinced too - I'm not nuts! There is really a difference between the two that I was taking - and my next experiment will be how it affects my monthly cycle because it's been so terrible since switching to the generic. I really believe that there is something in it that doesn't work right for me and that the brand name is working better.

Sarah...I was on the brand and had allergic reactions and worse...however, those may have been from other causes...

Does your health insurance provide a prescriptive connection (what's the right word?) a subsidiary for drugs?

Have your neuros discussed the option of just taking regular aspirin vs the heay duty option?

Do you take any other meds...that may have/cause some conflict?

Wishing you the best and a Happy Friday and great weekend...


I'm not sure I understand what you're asking about the insurance, but I do know they're mostly useless in the customer service department. I mostly avoid them anymore - they refused to pay for my PED/coiling surgery, and I'm suing them for it. As for my docs, they correctly have me on the Plavix still because as of my last angio Oct 1 I have a leak that requires more PED surgery (two more telescoped in, after the six I already have). This is all 7 months post op, so I have to stay on it until 6 months after the next surgery at the least. I do not take any other meds besides the aspirin and Plavix, and my normal vitamins and fish oil are the same as they've always been.