Brain aneurysms and the ability to pay medical bills

Hello evryone. My name is sheena Meece and im tring to find out if there is anywhere I can apply to try and get some help paying for all these medical bills i have surmounted over the last year because of the brain aneurysms. When i had the first aneurysm rupture I hd just rcently split up with an abusive husband and realized he was taking andspending all of te measley sck pay i was getting from work an not paying any of my bills. That was in October of last year wen the first one rupured. I am so far in the financial hole i dont know which way to turn. I had the surgery to fix the unruptured second aneurysm in January of this year and amost three weeks after I had my second surgery he had the bank come and repossess my car. I cant win. I have two younger kids and an older daughter who ives on her ow with her 4 year old son. haventbee ableto pay anything on my medical bils. The collection agencies are caling me daily and I cant even go back to th neurologist bcause I owe him so much money. I dont qualify fo any aid. The all say i make too much money! really appreciate it if someone could pint me in the right direction. God bless you al an have great day…

Hi Sheena,
Sounds like you are having to go through so much. Please take a look here-
There are many resources available out there, hopefully you will find some help. Sorry for all you are going through. Take care, Ginny

I understand your problem. I would suggest that you first contact your church. There are so many ‘helpful’ sources attending there. Second, I would contact a credit institution that help people contact their creditors and some will help you either lower payments or dismiss some bills. However, I found that whenever you contach the creditor yourself and try to work with them, they would always be helpful in assisting you. sandra

i know when i went threw all my surgeries for my cancer,they had funds at the hospital that helped me pay for some of them.9 of them at 20% that i had to the end i had to go though bankruptcy.i use to tell people if the cancer didnt kill me the bills did .it ruined my life,there are surposed to be grants out ther to help all us people but you cant ever find them,i feel for you and right now i am so pissed and beside my self with what has just happened to me again.the aneurysm just took everything that i had to work 10 yrs to get back i just lost my home ,truck,6acres on the lake,7horses horse trailer and you name it .i worked two jobs 17 hr days 7days a week my only day off in five months from both jobs was christmas day.thank god in a way my insurance hasnt kicked in at at either job, so im on medcaid which oh my god the treatment you receive is unbeivalbe rude people but at least i dont have any medical billsand everything is paid for. i do get a whole 200.00 for food which is better then nothing, and i am a very proud person i hate to go to the resister and scipe my card but what am i to do .this whole system is so messed up .i was alone with my daugter when she was two and i was working two jobs then also couldnt afford to eat asked for help got same answer make to much money,imade sure she ate i went without.i feel for you i hope someone can find a answer for you .or i hate to say it go bankr upt.i cryed when i had to do it i told the lawyer i was not brought up this way and he said to me linda what happened to you was a act of god it was not your fault,it was made for people like you .take care of your self and your kids the hell with them. the system has done this to us. good luck honey make sure you go to your drs linda dont mind my spelling

Thank you for the warm wishes. It sounds like your luck has been like mine. Terrible! My soon to be ex-husband took my measley sick pay check and never paid any of my bills while i was recovering from my first surgery. After a two month recovery I left him. I had my second surgery on January 15th of this year. About two or three weeks after i had my second surgery he had the bank repo my car. He has done everything he can to drive me nuts. I finally went to the court house and filed for divorce from him. Hes turned our 13 year old daughter against me. Hes tld all the people we know im brain damaged, and ive lost my mind. When i got released after being in the hospital for 10 days for the first aneurysm, he would make jokes, snide remarks and nasty comments about me being brain damaged. Three weeks before my last clipping he went to the pharmacy and picked up my blood pressure meds andcalled me ad said ive got your blood pressure meds locked in the trunk of my f*****g car and youre not getting them.

I’m sorry you’re going through all this, the aneurysms AND the jerk husband. There’s a special place in HELL for him, and someday he’ll be there. Karma!

Go to your pharmacy, and all your creditors, and hand them a piece of paper that states clearly that you are no longer to be associated with your husband and that you have filed for divorce, and that NONE of your personal information should be given to him (or any of your perscriptions!).

I don’t know what state or country you live in, but go to the hospital’s social worker, explain the situation with your soon to be ex (remember he’s responsible for 1/2 your bills :slight_smile: ) and ask what can be done for you. My stepson broke his neck and once he recovered, he went to the hospital’s social workers, and all but $200.00 was paid by the state. You never know until you ask!

When you talk to the social worker, don’t go into details of your husband and daughter, just state the facts of your health situation, and ask what can be done.

As for your daughter, don’t give up. Make a point of insisting that you spend some quality time away from the ex, and she’ll come around. What happened to you was NOT your fault. You did not plan to have aneurysms. Just be sure to let her know that you love her, no matter what! Don’t bad mouth the ex. Just make your time with her about your mother-daughter relationship. Love is a powerful thing!
You’re in my prayers.

Thanks Julie for the advice. I live in Milford, Ohio. Its just outside Cincinnati Ohio. Im a country girl who is having a hard time adjusting to city life. My soon to be ex-husband finally got his paers where I filed for divorce and hes not happy. Im seeing someone else now and hes great. He is very supportive and loving. Hehas taken good care of me during and after my last clipping. He took me to the hospital the day of my surgery and brought me to his house to recover. He took great care of me and still is. My son stays with me. Hes been alot of help too. He will be 15 this wednesday. Have a good day and god bless you.

i am so happy to hear you got rid oh the glad you have someone now i tryed to get someone to write a letter for us ,but no one even read it ,about your bills the hell with them just take care of your self and your son im glad to see your doing better,god bless linda

Hi Sheena, Contact your hospital patient billing supervisor and/or their CEO – explain your plight and request the Hill Burton Act. Also contact your local Child Support Agency and file for Spouse and CHild Support. Also request that husband pay unreimbursed medical, dental, orthodontic, vision and pharmaceutical expense. Also you could contact your local Department of Welfare and request TANF Benefits for you and your child(ren). Cash, Medical and Food Stamps.

Good Luck

Hi Cindy. Ive already tried to get help frm welfare but al i could get is a medical card for my kids. They said i make too much money. I work at wal-mart for petes sake! I will try to call the hospitals and see if i can get something done there. Thanks for the advice. Have a great day.