Brain Aneurysm May 21, 2004

May 21, 2004 I suffered a burst aneurysm in my head. Reading the remarkable stories posted within our Forum Discussions have really educated me that aneurysms are much more common that I believed then or was even aware of. I sympathize with all who lost love ones and rejoice for all who survived. My survival was truly remarkable in 2004. I went to St. Francis Hospital for treatment and was transferred to California Pacific Medical Center on May 21, 2004 where I underwent a left frontal temporal craniotomy clipping. I still do not know why the decision was made to transfer me to CPMC. If I had gone to a different hospital and had different Neurological Examinations, Neurovascular Examinations, Motor Examinations, Sensory Examinations, Deep Tendon Reflexes and Emergency Treatment Assessments for dysarthria, dysphagia and a near Syncopal Episode in my Speech Therapy session, I don't think the outcome would have been as favorable for me as it was.

Postoperatively, I was placed on Nimotop, Percocet, Oxycodone and Methadone and continued to have a dysarthria and dysphagia which explains why I do not remember any of these occurrences. A Gastrostomy Feeding Tube Insertion which placed a Feeding Tube through my skin and the stomach wall, directly into my stomach and was not removed until after my out patient speech therapy ended in Sept. of 2004. I truly believe that I survived that event because of excellent medical care, Divine Intervention, and a sheer will to live to continue my mission on Earth.

I am very interested in hearing your story with similar circumstances. Medical Technology sure has come a long way since 2004.


Was it hard to not be able to eat regular food for so long? I believe I already the answer to my question. How did you cope?

amen to your recovery and continued progress…God is Great


You are blessed with the diagnosis and treatment you had... the major Divine Intervention was giving you your excellent medical care...

Thank you so much for sharing this youtube...I am also passing it on to other sources away from this site.

I hope you will share more on your recovery, ability to return to work, and/or get into disability and anything else you may share.

Blessings to you...