Brain aneurysm first time and need some advices

Hello my name is Jason. It is my first time to post here and need some help from someone who has similar experience to my situation. I will explain my summary here and hopefully it helps.

I first received cochlear implant in 2005 however things did not go well after 2006 which my symptoms show up: shortness, tinnitus plus pain on right side of the brain, dizzy and nerve problem. Over 9 years, I have been frustrated to find the answers for my symptoms because New York City is big city that I was new to it. I actually thought it might be my heart problem because shortness of breath I still have then found out that I was born with heart defect. I received open heart surgery last April 2016 called PAPVR. After open heart surgery, I still do struggle with my shortness of breath.

By September 2016, they found that I have small aneurysm at 2.5mm by right posterior communicating artery. I was told that it was the best if I should focus on recovery processing up to a year from open heart surgery. Till this month, my symptoms become worse so I went to emergency room. They ordered CTA brain then said that I have slightly bulbous origin of the right posterior communicating artery likely reflects infundibular variant; there is no saccular aneurysm identified (Characterization as aneurysm on prior MR angiogram of the head in September 2016 was likely second to decreased to spatial resolution on MR versus CT). The emergency room doctor only said that mine is thick and do not know size of mm from CTA brain. He suggested that I should see my neurosurgeon to analyze on it. Can anyone tell me what does it means by the report. Thank you.

I will have an appointment to see my neurosurgeon on July 24th. Maybe I can request for MRV and Cather to take a better look inside. I was told that some aneurysm can cause shortness of breath because of blood flow carries oxygen. I also will take MRA cardiac for my heart to see if it shows problem again.

Let me know what does the report means. Thank you.

Angiogram give more detailed information on aneurysms than any other scan possible, my neurosurgeon said. I had a MRI AND CT, they found the aneurysm the Drs were following, angiogram found 3 more and the original one had bled. 1 surgery down, 2 or 3 more will follow. Hoping they can do 2 in one operation.