BP monitor

I have purchased a blood pressure moniter and it has detected an irregular heartbeat for the past several readings. Should this be reason for concern? Debating about making a doctors app to check this out. Has anyone else had any heart problems associated with any of this? I feel fine otherwise, just that same dizzy feeling I’ve had all along.

Hi Caroline, I would most definitely get an appointment with my PCP for a quick EKG, or maybe even ortho~static bp check. Being that you stated you are having dizzy feelings. I myself have had heartbeat problems from racing to going to slow so it is worth getting check for peace of mind.

Hope this helps!


Thanks Tiffany. I’ve been dizzy since I had the coiling done, so that’s not a new symptom. Can’t wait till my head feels normal again. I will make an appointment tomorrow just to be safe though. Thanks again

I have the dizzy's since being coiled...recently had ENT tests and told it is nothing to do with inner~ear, etc., but everything to do with central nervous system problems, hence, my coiling and aneurysm...however, I donot think an irregular heartbeat should be overlooked ... please, please, call and see your Doctor and if really concerned, please go to your ER and have yourself checked out...~ keep us posted...~ Colleen

Thanks Colleen, I made a doctors app. It’s this Friday, I’ll keep you posted.

Glad they will be seeing you on Friday Caroline...will keep you close in my thoughts and prayers...~ Colleen

Happy New Year, here’s to a better one for all of us.