Blot clot post op

3 weeks ago my mom had a sah rupture the coiling didn’t work so they clipped it. Tonight her leg was swollen and the dr said she has a clot. She has a filter in for a previous clot 5 years ago so the dr said she is partially out of the woods. He is contacting the surgeon to see how to proceed… Anyone out there have any insight

Sorry about mom's clot...glad they found and will take care of it...Thoughts out to you and your mom...Colleen

Hi Claire. I am a survivor, of a ruptured aneurysm 2 years ago. Like your mom, I had a blood clot in my leg, which was treated with blood thinners injections in my tummy everyday for my duration in the hospital which was for four months. The clot didn’t reoccurred. So the blood thinners worked. Your mom had a filter before so she’s certainly partially out of the woods as her doctor said. I know how stressful this time is for you and your family. Have Faith Claire. My thoughts and prayers are with your mom, your family, and you.