Blood Clot?

I am wondering if I have a blood clot forming just above my left wrist. I had the PED placed Jan 22 (right frontal lobe). It showed up as swelling day before yesterday and is a little bigger each day it does feel hard and I may be running a little fever. I dont want to panic but I do have that little five year old boy depending on me to not mess up my recovery.

Did they use the wrist artery to put the PED in? If so please get in touch with your radiologist/neurosurgeon TODAY. An expert should look at it to make sure it isn't a bulge in the wall of the artery, where they put the catheter in, or infection. Both of which would need some treatment quickly. It may just be the bruising changing shape or the plug you are feeling and nothing to worry about, but reassurance that it is nothing more serious would be great.


hi Yvonnne! I agree with Judith please have a dr take a look- clots are nothing to take lightly. When I had mine I was sent to the hospital for ultra sound Doppler where they can look inside the veins-I was then taken to emergency room. Please check-better to be on the safe side!

If you think you have a blood should seek medical attention asap...~