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Blog: Unruptured, post-clip, 6 mo out, scalp itch and pains

Hi all,
I am now 6 months post clipping surgery. I had a CTA-MCA bypass.

I would have said a month ago that I was back to normal (except for some healing on the head still), but I’m actually feeling better now. It’s hard to describe. I couldn’t tell that I wasn’t at my best.

I have developed some new symptoms. My scalp has gone crazy itchy, which seems to be a common issue. It makes me wonder if I’m allergic to my platinum plates. Also, I’m getting these sharp pains that I didn’t have a few months ago. They are around my surgical area.

My neck is sometimes crazy tight and now I’m seeing a p.t to help me. We started deep breathing exercises to help me destress and calm my nerves. I think stress is setting off my pain.