Bladder pain after ruptured aneurysm

Hello to all. First I would like to say how fortunate I feel to have found you all. I have already read so many similar concerns and symptoms. Thank you all for sharing. I was wondering if any body has experienced bladder pain since their aneurysm? I had a ruptured aneurysm January 23, 2017. Was taken immediately to the ER and sent to Orlando Hospital for surgery that day. I have been blessed in my recovery. I was up taking care of my self the next day as far as bathing, using the bathroom, feeding myself. I did not have a catheter long because I could get up out of bed and didnt have any problems voiding. It has gotten slightly better but after a CT scan with contrast it is back to feeling like it is on fire. Was wondering if nay one lese has had similar issues.Thanks again for being on this site.

needing to urinate frequently, urgently and burning on urination are frequent signs of a bladder infection. A catheter can be a portal of entry for infection. You may want to get to a doctor and have that checked

Thank you for your suggestions. I guess I should have mentioned that I did get it checked for an infection. Sorry. Actually I have none of the symptoms of an infection, nourgency, no frequency, no urethral pain. My bladder just hurts kind of burning all the time and it is worse when it fills up. I have seen an urologist and he also checked for infection. I am scheduled for testing, he thinks it may be hyperreflexia? we shall see.