Birth Control

I am a 30 year old married mother of 2 boys. My annie ruptured may 5 , 2011 I just recently asked my pcp for the birth control pill she told me that I can not ever be on that because of the hormones affecting the annie . Was just curious if anyone else is on the pill . We all know that different docs have different opinions . If thats the case guess I'll be looking into getting tubes tied.

HI Amanda,

I'm well in the throes of mental pause (my word for menopause!!) so I have no need for any birth control at this point in my life. I'm sure some of the younger ladies in the group can answer that question for you!

Good luck with this, I hope you get the answer you need!


Hi there I was on the pill up until last month and my rupture was in 2002, my Dr said it would be fine and I told him it says on the leaflet you can’t take these after a sah they were microgon 30. And he said they were fine. I am on the depo shot now. Hope you find something soon that you can use.

Hi Amanda...I am not on birth control...but I must tell you in my 20's I was on it...for a short time...and I had terrible sick...when I went to my Doctor he took me off and said, "I was close to a stroke, and could never take any type of hormones"... At 47 ... I am starting to go through the change... and can't take hormones...both very similar...

You are best to look into alternatives...Colleen

aint the annie gone? I wolud go elsewhere, some dr's don't know how to treat us.

Hey laurie , My annie ruptured and was coiled but not completly . My doc said that its about 90% I need more coils but I have a "sensitive " brain and it started to spasm during my last attempted coiling so he had to stop . Going back for more coiling if not succesful then leave it or clipp it.