Today I tackled going through the bills, since my insurance ended yesterday. I really am dizzy now! I got a lawyer to work on my SSI & SSD, which have denied me twice since I applied, I have no income, and no job now. They say my husbands income is too much really? We don’t make that much? Does anyone have any suggestion about these bills, I am currently sending letters asking for reductions on any balance insurance did not cover, I live in Will County, Il. I am trying for public aid. Thanks for any suggestions!

Can you set up payment schedule with bill collectors...? Such as even paying $5.00 a month on each...better to pay something then nothing at all...Hope things work out for you with...this has got to be so hard...~ Colleen

That’s exactly what I am doing, I am sending all of them a letter, asking to reduce whatever they can, along with a $5 check. I am still waiting for disability to come through. So sad that our government can watch every country, but not care about their own citizens. sorry for all you are going thru...many others have, too...there is an interesting new article about the brain impact of the finance/poverty to our brain...

Many have gone thru some parts/portions of what you are experiencing...what is difficult with a working potential of (blanking on word) garnishment???

Prayers that you can get help...I pray that a group of us can get together and decide how to approach our fed reps w/the same data...


hi ! since insurance ended recently why aren't biills paid? call the insurance company and resubmit and ask them why? Are you referring to deductables and co-pays? if so call the medical providers and set up the lowest payment plan possible, I got mountains of bills that we had to fight them , after many phone calls insurance finally coughed up the money-they said ooohhh we didn't know you were inpatient!!!!! bogus - yeah I went there every day for 9 weeks cause I liked the fine cuisine!!!lol they must have had an audit and they gave me a refund fpr the small bills I mistakingly paid

this is a blog I wote last yeat

I'm in the same boat here in Maine with my wife. She stayed home and raised the kids and went to work after all were out and did not work enough to get disability S.S., we also tried SSI and I make $9 per week to much ($359 a week). I also have no insurance since company went under after 40 years working. I posted on here and some great people responded to lift me up and be thankful I have a wife still. Do what you can do and $5 to all each month. I will not let bills ruin me because wife of 42 years will come home soon. Think positive and it will work out. If I find anything I will share. Thoughts and prayers from "big jon"

Thanks to everyone for your kind words. My husband is retired, he gets soc. sec. & small pension. My insurance actually did pick up a lot of my bills. It is so hard to make heads or tails out of what was paid. I am going to send my insurance company a copy of the letter as well. Today was a rough day, so after I went through one more pile of bills, I thought I’d feel better, but I think this heat is getting to me. I used to,LOVE the hot weather, but I am suffering since they took me off the prempro (hot flash meds)’ my new primary care physician was totally against me taking them. I have almost 6months on the shelf, but I am Leary of taking them - could they have had something to do with the aneurysm, or was it the smoking, or a combination of both. My sister told me my neurosurgeon said my blood vessel eas covered with plaque from the cigarettes. They put me on a nicotine patch while I was in my coma for 2 months, and when I woke up not one craving! I wasn’t really in a coma, I call it that since I have no recollection of anything, I am in shock when my sister tells me different episodes of what I was saying. Her and my husband did not know from day to day if I was going to make it. I lost 30 pounds, and my wonderful doctor offered to pick me up some food from one of my favorite restaurants. That I do remember. Dr. Chwajol is his name, and his team were all outstanding, including the ICU nurses at provena st. Joe in Joliet. Sept. 15 will be 5 months since my aneurysm. It hit me on Mother’s Day. I have no recollection of that morning either. I have back on 20 pounds, this week I need to start my Pilates workouts again to build my muscle back up. My energy level is just so low still. Thanks again to all, you are in my prayers along with your spouses and family. Hug you family before turning in tonight!

Thanks Ron, I will look into this further, my insurance did pick up a lot. I put another post at the end of my last persons suggestion. God bless you and yours.