So tomorrow is the big day, My friends are throwing a Benefit for me and my family. I am a Nervous wreck, I have done/Hosted MANY MANY Benefits for so many different friends and family, But I have never had something all about me. (Not even a Birthday party) So I hope all is well today. I have Heard many bits and pieces that sound amazing, Such as a Local Radio DJ is coming and going to get in the dunk tank so are many bartenders from around town A guy running for Sherriff is stopping by with his Bus full of supporters to meet me and make a donation. Plus several other things, I hope to have a Great update for you all tomorrow... Peace and Love to you all

~ You enjoy...and remember you are a survivor...and you are an inspiration to many...Wishing you and all a good day ~ Colleen

Hi Mghale. You doing something wonderful tomorrow. Kudos to you, it will make the public aware of aneurysms and the struggles of survivors. Alleluia, this is what we need, don’t be nervous, just remembered how many lives you can saved! Donations to this foundation will helped the plight of many people. Congrats to you! Survivors, need to pay it forward! I hope the sun comes out,
in all it’s “Glory” to meet you. Glorious Day to you Mughals.I wished I could be there, but my thoughts and prayers are with your loved ones and you.

Have a wonderful time --that's some awesome stuff they're doing!!

Peace, Janet wonderful for you...sounds magnificent...awaiting your update....


Hope this went well...and you will give us an update...Thoughts out to you ~ Colleen

Wonderful! you deserve to have this!! thanks for reporting this upbeat event, we will all be there in spirit!!~~~