Back pain?

Went through a rupture and now just had two annies clipped this past Tuesday. While my head feels fine and I feel ok, my hamstrings and butt hurt so badly! Has anyone had the same symptoms?

Hi Janna I wish I could add something to your post...I was coiled...and I didn't have back pain...I did have very bad stomach pain because I had a bleed in my esophagus and all the blood settled in my was horribly painful...and Doctors told me this would continued until the body absorbed the blood which took weeks...perhaps that is what has happened in your back...and/or sometimes the position in the OR can cause this to happen...please check with your Doctor...and keep us posted...~ Colleen

Yes, I had a clipping done on Thursday and still have butt and hammie pain. It's getting better with short walks. Who would think?

My go to is a fabulous chiropractor who is very experienced in cranial sacral work. I have also found that Rolfing is very helpful. That old theory about Rolfing, that it should hurt, is no longer in practice. I realize that body work is alternative medicine that many people and doctors disapprove of it. Also, just like with medical doctors, there is a wide range of knowledge and skill. It might not be for you, still I feel that for general body issues it might be worth some experimenting. I get back pain and I also get pressure in my head like the skull is clamping down. Both of those practitioners have a model that cerebral spinal fluid gets puddled and causes pain so they focus on ways to get it moving.

I would run your symptoms by your doctor. Don’t want to scare you, but blood clots can cause pain in your calves, legs, etc. Probably not the case with you, but better to be safe.