BA waiting to be coiled

Been very dizzy recently waiting for coiling to be done on hopefully on 28th of this month is this being dizzy normal? Can’t never get my Dr. been trying for since Sep. Just want to be sure the dizziness is normal.

Hi Lisa, I am waiting to have a large aneurysm coiled and dizziness has been a sympton which I have had since before an aneurysm was discovered. My neurosurgeon says that I am getting dizzy because of the size of the aneurysm, its position and where it is pressing on my brain tissue. Where abouts is yr aneurysm situated? Caro

Are you on Plavix? One of the side effeects is dizziness.

Thank you for your reply. The brain has the 2 halves and mine is smack in the middle of the two in the front part if you put your finger on the top of your ear lobe and go up mine is smack in the middle. I did get a phone call from the Dr. office since I posted this and my coiling has been moved up to Jan 3rd. I was told to see primary Dr. about the dizzy part. I also was dizzy off and on before this was found. Lisa

No not yet. Thank you for your reply. Lisa

No but, if it continues that I am not able to reach someone to help I sure would concider it. It's scary that if it was an emergency what would the patient do! thanks again Lisa

My wife is 16 months post rupture and still very dizzy. Does anything you've tried work>?