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Author chat about my aneurysm book

Hi friends. Some of you may know I recently published a book about my aneurysm experience called Rebooting My Brain. I chose to use my amazing recovery from what should have killed me as a way to educate others about brain injury (don't you feel like we've learned more about the brain than you ever cared to know?!) as well as inspire all of my survivor friends like you.

I'm hosting a free author chat conference call Wed July 11 at 11 am Pacific (2 pm Eastern) to answer questions, share resources - and even address any q's you have about writing about your experience if you've been thinking about it (which I highly encourage - it was super cathartic!)

You are most welcome to join me. Please RSVP to ■■■■ and she will send you all details. Number of lines are limited so RSVP soon if this interests you. Would love to have you there!

Stay strong, live healthy, and relish this second chance at life you've been given! We are survivors...

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Hi janicia

My wife has just bought Maria Ross's book it was recommended buy another SAH survivor she is still trying to finish a book called A Dented Image and then start reading Maria's book, she has just read the prologue and it's quite a jornery.

We are in England and would like to look in on the discussion on the 11th July but not sure what time it would start in the UK , could you post when the dicussion would start UK time as i'm sure alot of UK survivor's would be interested.Thank You John Wright

Sure John! My husband is from the UK so I'm familiar with the time difference from the US West Coast! 8 hours. Therefore, 11 am here would be 7 pm there. Hope you can join us! And thank you so much for the kind words about my book. I very much appreciate that the message is getting out there - for all of us.

Hi Maria,

Thanks for replying to our message that works out to be good time for us, look forward to it . I remember reading now that your husband is from Scotland.

Hi Maria I have also got that book mine ruptured in 2002 however there are a few of us over in the uk who have got your book I haven’t read it all yet but so far it is really good.

Thanks so much Nikki!

The call will be recorded so if you would like access to that, RSVP for the call anyway to ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■

Wow! Thank you so much, Jessica....

Maria- I just purchased a copy of your book (e-book) from Kindle- looking forward to reading it! D

Thanks Dana! I very much appreciate that and I really hope you find the perspective and lessons learned helpful.

Maria- I finished the book and did find it helpful! Thank you! I feel compelled to say a few thing-we have some startling similarities, my husband did save my life as well-heard me collapse in bathroom and called 911- there are more but I am trying to be as brief as possible in this post...

There are also big differences---you wondered about health insurance- as luck would have it, I did NOT have heath insurance at the time--yes, it's true--I did, however, have a husband and family who are knowledgeable and had the means to pay for my medi flight to a hospital where I could get the care needed (b/c of the no insurance, the flight had to be paid for before they would transport me! Cold, hard facts of life...) My total billing in CA alone was just under 2M! Making sure that I got the care I needed was priority #1---the bills will be worked out later--(good philosophy for me! It worked!)

Obviously, there are many factors involved here--please read my bio page to get a glimpse into my story..

Oh, and one more piece to the SAH saga of my life--2 weeks into my coma at UCSF--my husbands father died-