My partner had 2 coils put in and the attitude toward me has changed but it toward anyone else … Help

The attitude toward me has changed but not toward anyone else. Been together 20 years I don’t know how much more I can take

Hi Kathy...Not only did your partner have coils placed in her head, but she had a bleed ... truthfully, who knows what part of the brain was actually touched that is causing her attitude change. I am wondering have you spoke to her about her attitude? Have you spoken to her Doctors about this change?

I can only imagine how difficult this is on both of you...~ Colleen

I have spoken to her about it and she thinks she hasn’t changed toward me . I have not talked to the Doctors about this. But she treats her friends better than me And honestly I dont deserve it . I was with her 24/7 and found her when it happened. I know it is a Hugh change for her as well but I don’t understand why she treats me so bad. I do the cooking,cleaning and laundry and yard work. I feel like I’m not being appreciated. But she goes out with her friends and she is so nice to them.

Hi Kathy, I am a survivor of a ruptured aneurysm. Yes, I have been told since “my bleed.” My attitude has changed drastically. I know that, because I don’t feel the same physically, mentally, and spiritually. Heck yes, I’ve been through a horrendous trauma- through hell and back, but with God’s Grace, I’m alive and kicking! With the blinked of an eye, my life as I knew it changed! Yes, everybody attitude towards me changed I becamed disabled for almost 2 years- from wheelchair, walker, to a cane. I’m still considered disabled, I still walk with a cane. But watched, me go I am real swift with my cane! My kids can’t keeped up with me with my cane in the mall! I have this saying" I won’t let this aneurysm defined me it is just an illness, not who I am, I’m better than this! Have Faith Kathy, your husband is going through what we survivors, all go through the"new normal," you will eventually learned to cope. My thoughts, and prayers, are with your husband, and you.

Thank you… I know there are a lot of changes on both sides. I just feel neglected when more attention is given to the friends more than me. I feel like I’m just the person who takes care of everything and just lives in the house who does things not a true partner anymore

Hi Kathy! I am trying to understand this but having trouble. Did she have a SAH? (rupture) At any rate I hope there is not any physical abuse- if so call police and get it documented and put into the system. I do think some sort of intervention is required for your situation, can a close friend or doctor or family member help? or a liscensed therapist? it is hard to give advice from afar, with me early on sah recovery I was very edgy and angry at others- mostly warranted tho

There is something bothering her I suspect, something deep down that she doesn't even realize herself - caregivers are often the recipients of abuse as well as caregetters, tc I hope things improve~

Oh no not at all no physical abuse … Never has been … I just don’t understand why I’m the one she ignores the most and treats the worse like I don’t even exist at all. But others she treats great… Hopefully this will change her aneurysm happened Decemeber 26th and she is recovered but I have not


HI Kathy my name is Kathy also and my husband is in the hospital still.after 2 momths still in the ICU he had an AVM and 7 surgeries 2 strokes a track tube and feeding tube . Thank you for asking the question my husband the last 2 weeks has been acting the same all the sudden he does not want me to touch him wont et me kiss him hello or goodbye and yes it hurts I feel the same as you do I understand he is depressed and he went through something traumatic but I did too. My story is my husband had a headache,vomiting slurred speech and could not walk he acted like he was drunk I called 911 the took him to the hospital the DR misdignosed him with the flu and sent him home he went to bed woke up the next day feel on his face and had a sezuire I called 911 again took him back to the hospital where they found the AVM he had to be airlifted to a different hospital for emergency surgery + 6 surgeries because once they would clamp one bleed another would bleed they ended up putting in a feeding tube and a trach. I know how you feel I'm sorry that is happening to you., check this out if your on fb, if not google CAN- it looks like a great resource!

Thank you all…