At my Mom's

I was discharged 3 days after surgery (??!!) and stayed with my mom to recovery before heading home.

Wow, that just seems like such a short time..I was in Neuro-ICU for two weeks & I thought that was too short..

I was floored! One night in Neuro ICU and two days in the Neuro unit. I guess it is a blessing I was doing that well but still it seems so short for such a procedure!

The Neuro ICU was awesome but when they moved me to the regular floor, it was like a ghost town! The nurses kept asking me if I had a ride home, they even called my husband & asked if he could come & get me!! I lived 100 miles from the hospital! Yeah, your stay was way too short, 3 days for brain surgery! That happened to my brother for his 2nd annie surgery but that time is was unruptured, in on a Friday & out on Monday..

Ah, that must be the ticket - mine was unruptured. Still felt like a short stay but on the Neuro Unit, I was roomed with a gal who had to have monitoring (blood work etc) every 1-2 hours, so NO sleep for me. I was nervous but thankful to be at my mom's where it was quiet! Wow! That is quite the commute home! Wow your brother too.... hope all is well!

Still, that's such a short time for something that major! I was by myself when I was in the Neuro-ICU & it was a good thing because I had to keep everything dark! No lights or opened shades for me..They were also worried that I'd have vasospasms, so I was critical for that..but I'm doing better each day. It could have been alot worse & I'm so thankful..