Are there people living in Montreal in the group? Y a-t-il des gens qui habitent à Montréal dans le groupe?

Est-ce qu’il y a des personnes la région de Montréal?

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Good Morning! I went to Google translate for those who don’t speak French

“Are there people in the Montreal area?“.

I didn’t get much sleep last night so a bit wonky in the brain this morning… Are you asking if there are any people with brain aneurysms in the Montreal area?

Marie-Claude wants to know if there are people from Montreal in this group.


@Anne_T habitait à Montréal, je crois. Il y en aura d’autres. @Al.C est assez proche; @MarDavPan, @Dianelap aussi.


Bonjour. Je suis a Ottawa.



Allo Marie-Claude, oui je suis de la region de Montreal - plus specifiquement je suis sur la Rive Sud a Longueuil. Je suis anglophone mais comme tu peut voir je suis bilingue. Et toi tu est a quelle endroit a Montreal? Je te souhaite bienvenue au groupe si tu est nouvelle. Moi ca fait 16 ans de mon anevrisme cerebrale avec hemorragie un jour a la fois. Et toi?


I neither speak nor write French, but I have changed the title to both English and used Google Translate for the French, if it’s incorrect, please let us know so we can fix it.

Hi Moltroub, while the auto translation system in general is not always accurate or the greatest, in general the basic idea can usually be understood - your translation for the above title is spot on. feel free to translate any posts I may put for Marie-Claude - I wrote her in french mainly to make her feel welcome and so she could feel comfortable writing in french to me if she wishes.


Thanks so much, you are so kind! Mr Richard stepped in and changed a word. I rather like y’all speaking French and it may help @Marie-Claude and others who may write in French and not English. It does give credence that we are a world wide support group in my opinion.

I can moderate without stepping in using Google Translate, not a problem! If you need my help researching something, let me know.

Bonjour, Marie Claude. J’habite a Ottawa et je suis bilingue, d’apres le gouvernement federale :rofl::rofl::slightly_smiling_face: