Anyone have luck with the botox a shot for muscle spasms due to hemiparesis?

my mom is due to get the shot next week.

the botox paralyzes the current out of wack nerves, this way they stop banging around and causing so much pain. her arm is so stiff right now they she cannot even begin to rehabilitate it. after the paralysis of the bad nerves, new pathways and nerve endings are created.

anyone have experience with this?

i just wanted to hear a firsthand story regarding the procedure and after effects. it is extremely pricy so i am hoping it is worth it.

thank you!

Hi Jessica,

I haven't had any experience with this, but I hope your mom gets the results that she needs.

I will keep her in my thoughts and prayers.



Can only send my prayers for the success of botox to aid your mother's recovery.

Wishing her best for all of you...