Anyone had keyhole surgery for unruptured annies on opthalmic arteries?

Hi all,

I went in for endovascular surgery last week in Zurich, expecting that drs would coil one of two unruptured annies about 5mmx5mm on both opthalmic arteries.

However given that the sacs are both formed within the arteries, as well as that tests showed no blood flow to eyes from other sources, they determined neither coiling nor flow diverters are options now given probable sight loss and they stopped treatment after the angio.

Ive been referred to the neurosurgeon in the group who specializes in minimally invasive surgery and believes he can treat them both with clipping in one surgery, entering through an incision in the lleft eyebrow. An angiography will be performed in the same room before he closes the skull to ensure proper blood flow and a neurologist will be doing tests as well to ensure no brain issue.

He estimates a 5% risk rate of complication, a 5 hour surgery, and a 5-10 day hospital stay.

Question : has anyone else had similar surgery? What can I expect following the surgery in terms of pain, recovery, etc?

Thanks very much

All I can offer is prayer and optimism. God has a plan for you.

I've never heard of this, Cathy, but it sounds fascinating. Please keep us updated!

Hi Cathy,

I had a Giant Ophthalmic Aneurysm behind my right eye and had surgery done by Dr Roberto Heros at Jackson Memorial in 2006. The procedure was done from my neck. The reduced the blood flow from the carotid artery so as to close off the blood supply going to the aneurysm which clotted as a result and is now thrombosed. I live in the Caribbean so I travelled to Miami to have the surgery done. The surgery was done November 15, I was discharged from hospital 4 days later and back home in the Caribbean on November 28. I have an unruptured one on the other side which we are watching because my doctor said it will be very challenging to treat. My annual MRIs showed no change so we will continue to watch. I do have some issues with my head since the surgery. Over the years I have been experiencing soreness in my scalp, painful sensations in my head, throbbing behind my eye. Most of the time the pain is not severe to require pain medication so I am trying to live with it because I am very thankful to be alive. I hope that sharing my experience will be of some help to you. I will remember you in my prayers, God is going to take you through.

All the best wishes x

Hi Cathy

Like Theresa I had an unruptured annie clipper in 2007 affecting my Lt. eye. The annie was much bigger than originally thought & it had addeared itself to the optic nerve, so my optic nerve is now clipped along with the annie & I am totally blind in the Lt. eye. Even though I continue to develop small ones on that same vessel, another coiled in 2012, mine has never mirrored. Apart from the complications noted by Theresa & the usual depth perception problems the only other problem I developed was cluster & migraine headaches which I control with the use of oxygen therapy. My stay in hospital following the procedure was very short, just a few days.

Please keep us posted

Good luck & I well keep you in my prayers

my I ask Deborah if your husband had throbbing behind his eye? Praying that your husband will be able to see again, Huey