Anyone dealing with MS or other chronic issues......and had to go through surgery too

I am currently going through an MS episode and my surgery to clip 3 aneursyms is coming in 2 weeks. Has anyone had to deal with a health issue like this as you were trying to recover for brain surgery? I am very nervous, well more so about just wanting them to get the aneurysms clipped so I am not always wondering if today could be the day they rupture…ugh~

Jim I would love to be able to talk to your friend about their MS procedure. The fatigue and aching I am feeling right now and then the thought of going through surgery has got my anxiety through the roof.

On the aneurysms subject I think more about being alone with my son and something horrible happening and I know I shouldn’t because they probably have been there for years. But now that I know they are there I can’t stop thinking about them.

Thanks Jim. I will have lots of help with my son after surgery that is the good part. He is 6 and can entertain himself. I am not so worried about getting through the surgery and being alone with him. I am worried more about the aneurysms themselves and one of the rupturing and being alone with him…just all really scary. You hear so many horror stories about people dying when they rupture I am so thankful to have found this sight it is a comfort to know there are so many people that have survived them rupturing. Huge relief actually…thanks Jim

I am so glad that you survived the rupture Jim. I just keep reminding myself to take it one day at a time otherwise just going to make myself stressed out.

tell me more about ms??

Hi Roseanne,

Well everyone has different MS symptoms. For me it is a loss of depth perception and periphial vision, dizziness, extreme fatigue, tingling in my arm and weakness in my legs. I would have to say the vision is clearing up slowly since having heavy doses of steriods, but the fatigue is what gets me because it limits what I can and can’t do.

As my time for surgery gets closer the more headaches I seem to be getting. All stress I am sure, every day it seems I get more nervous and just sick to my stomach. Lots of deep breaths because I know that I will come through this just fine. Hope everyone is doing well…

Hi Karey,

WOW…My Dad had MS also, but he left us when I was a teen so I never really got to know he was doing… Why I ASK is when I had an mri they said I may have MS…OR LYME…?? so I trying to find out more…I also have a blood disorder…How did u find out u had ms?? how old are u? I’m 43 I have some symptoms ALSO have very bad FATIGUE…it SUCKS…anything u can share with me would be helpful…

Good luck to u…

Hi Roseanne,

I am 36 and the doctor’s started suspecting the MS when I started having tingling in my arm, vertigo and trouble focusing my left eye. That is when they sent me for the dreaded MRI that found the aneurysms. But I am thankful that they found them. After the MRI showed the lesions on the brain associated with MS they then did all the blood tests for Lymes and Lupus and when those came back negative they did a spinal tap to confirm high probablity of MS. Bad part about being newly diagnosed with MS is the doctors usually don’t give it a positive definition of MS until you have had more than one episode even though everything else points to MS. The Fatigue is bad I will agree, but the weakness in my legs and the vertigo far out way being tired. For me the heat intensifies everything times 20. I just try to limit how long I am up and on my feet and I take a short nap when my body gets too tired.

Don’t know that any of that helps.


Hi Jim,

I did get your friend’s phone number and will give her a call probably after I start recovering from surgery. Surgery and staying stress free is my main focus right now. Thank you again so much and I am really looking forward to talking with her.


HI Karey,

How r u? please let me know how ur doing?


Hi Roseanne,

It has been 8 days since I had surgery and I am actually doing really good, suprisingly! Spent 5 days in the hospital and came home last Friday. Lot of medication still which is not pleasant but I am sure very neccessary, headaches can be strong at times but nothing too unbareable. I get to have my stiches removed tomorrow and then see where we go from there. At first they didn’t think they would be able to get the aneurysm in the front of my head but thankfully they did. Now we will just have to watch the other two as time passes. Thank you for checking on me. How are things going for you??


Oh that is so GREAT!!! I’m still hear so all is ok…lol…

so glad your ok keep me updated