Any one out there on avastin?

I know this is a stretch, but prior to my ruptured aneurysm I was in the hospital having debulking surgery for ovarian cancer. Long story short, I am responding to chemotherapy but oncologist added avastin to try and get rid of the cancer quicker. Unfortunately, after 2 rounds I developed severe nosebleeds which concerned oncologists(me too) because of possible bleeding elsewhere(mainly clipping) Anyway, just saw neurosurgeon to schedule an MRI for year followup and asked him about avastin use. His response was not enough research on aneurysm survivors who are also using avastin to have much of an opinion. So, thought I’d throw the topic out there (also did on ovarian cancer site) to see if anyone knows of or has heard of an aneurysm survivor going on avastin. Or if anyone has heard of a clinical trial involving the two…?Just not sure, at this time, that risk of future bleeding is worth it. I know nothing is guaranteed in this life…just not sure I’m ready to be a guinea pig just yet.



What is it??

Avastin is a cancer drug - also used for folks with Macular Degeneration to help stop vision loss. You can go to to check out clinical trials that are out there.

That was my next check. I should have said coiling not clipping as part of my aneurysm treatment (brain fart).

Another sight that has a lot about avastin is in their discussion. I knew that quite a few women there took avastin. I took Tamoxifen for four years with lots of side effects, including high blood pressure that was out of control at times and severe migraine headaches - I do wonder if those caused my brain annie.

Good luck on your cancer treatment - I know it is tough, but so worth it when you hear the words: NED!

Best, Sherri