Any new and innovative treatments for aneurysms other than surgery/coiling?

Are there any new and innovative treatment options for aneurysms other than surgery or coiling? I heard about a glue technique and also possible laser. What are other treatment options available (if any ) for those who don't want to have surgery?? I'm inquiring for my mother who was recently diagnosed with an aneurysm and is scared to have surgery. Thanks in advance.


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ok thanks I will look into that.

Thank you Paula, I will look into that as well. Hope all goes well for you. Keep us updated.

Hi Shanta

When I went to see my surgeon on the 6 th of march he mention a new procedure which fills the Annie with small balls instead of coils said it had never been used in Australia before so not sure what it is but He said I might be a idle candidate for it I think it was called jau jau or something like that never really took much notice really cus I thought I was going to be coiled on the 28 th of march but it turned out that my neck is to wide and I’ll need a stent just waiting to see him again now to see the way forward

Thanks Jimmy