Any advice is welcome!

My sister was just dx with a 2mm anerysim she was having like what appeared to be signs of a mini strokes they come in waves she is to see a neurologist tomorrow the ER have us no information on what she can do or not do she is scared to move can coughing cause it to rupture? What should we ask the neurologist tomorrow? Any advice is welcome thank you}


Sorry to hear of your sisters aneurysm, but glad it was diagnosed...Did she undergo an Angiogram or MRA with contrast dye in the ER? You'll likely want to get the opinion of a Neurosurgeon and not a Neurologist for the consultation, as a Neurosurgeon is the one who can determine what the best procedure is in your sisters case. Glad she'll be seeing the doctor quickly so she can get some answers on this, Peace to you as you get thru it, Janet

Your sister should be seen by a Neurosurgeon and an MRA and Angiogram should be determine the actual size and location...if she is having stroke like symptoms and/or bad headache, etc., she should seek medical attention...~ Colleen

She did have a MRA not sure about the aniogram however we seen the neurologist and we found out not only has one she has two that they found the dr thinks she is having headaches and don’t think the anerysim’s are creating her symptoms. I disagree however so kaiser has referred her to a neurosurgeon but she does not think they will do any type of surgery. We just can’t seem to get kaiser to listen to us. We are at a loss

Many Doctors say this about Headaches and Brain aneurysm...yet one of the biggest symptoms is the worst Headache ever...we must be our own medical advocates...and it may be the neurologist is basing this on size...seeing a Neurosurgeon is a good thing...and in the meantime...your sister should get a new neurologist if she isn't comfortable with the opinion of the one she has currently...~ many here have gone through a number of neurologist till they find the one that fits...~ Colleen