Another "living with Annie" newbie saying hi

Hi everyone, I'm Paul, I'm 46 and live in the UK, I have been suffering with tinnitus for a number of years and in January I finally decided to see my doctor to see if anything could be done, that led to an MRI which didn't find any problems related to my tinnitus but did discover "something"! A second MRI showed it wasn't a tumour (what a relief that was) but was an un ruptured aneurysm (out of the frying pan and into the fire I wondered?) which then led to a whole load of googling and a very distraught daughter who got a garbled text off my son and assumed I had had a burst and was in a coma somewhere!. Kids!

Yesterday I visited Mr Kirkpatrick Consultant Neurosurgeon, Addenbrooke's Hospital NHS Trust, Cambridge who basically game me my options. The "annie" (why can't I have a condition that's easy to spell? lol) is approx 9 - 10 mm which he described as "mid" sized and in somewhere behind my right eye, he can't or won't coil it so it will need to be clipped if I decide to go ahead with the procedure. One thing that does worry me is my job. Driving is essential and if I have the op they will take my licence away for at least 3 months, I have no idea how my employer will react to this. Obviously people do have long term ill health absence but in my case I'm perfectly healthy and have no ill health issues apart from this "thing" in my head. My line manager is on holiday at the moment but as soon as he is back I will need to talk to him.

My wife immediately wanted me to go ahead with the op but weighing up the risks of surgery against the risk of leaving it and the remote possibility of a burst is not that easy, I'm so glad I found this group as reading through some of your experiences has been very enlightening.

I found this image on the web, this isn't me but this is almost identical to mine but mine is not quite as large.

Paul mine was 7mm and it burst please get it sorted soon I am from the UK to and had mine operated on in stoke on Trent goodluck with whatever you decide to do.

Again, Paul...Welcome to BAF ~

Hi Paul,

Mine was 4mm but I still had it coiled since I knew that I couldnt live with the thought of a ticking time bomb (thats how I looked at it) in my head. Recovery has been more challenging than I had hoped as the fatigue and headaches have been painful. Given all of that, peace of mind even if the head hurts, means more to me. I have a 14 year old daughter and a loving husband that I want to be here for!

I wish you the best of luck in whatever decision that you make. It is scary and this site is so helpful!

Keep Smiling!


Hi Paul,

The decision on what treatment to have and when to have it is highly individualized. I had a ruptured aneurysm that was clipped in 1969. Since then, I have lived with the knowledge that I have unruptured aneurysms (I now have three) and I have elected not to have treatment for all these years. I've had a wonderful and active life.

My largest annie is 5 mm. Everyone who has read my postings knows that I don't consider myself to be "a candidate" for treatment. However, I will say that should they find that my 5mm annie has grown when I have my scan next January (God willing), I believe that I WILL agree to have treatment. I do pray that I won't have to make that decision.

May God guide you to make the decision that is right for you.


thank you every one for your replies, it is a huge decision to make, I have put myself on the waiting list for the operation which atm gives me about 4 months to make my mind up. Perhaps I am taking this too lightly but if I hadn't have had the tinnitus I would never have know and would be living life in total ignorance, I could get knocked down by a truck tomorrow, life is like that. However I can see the argument from the other side, I have a chance to dodge a bullet that's heading for me so why shouldn't I take it?

To be honest the thought of brain surgery scares me to death, it could be argued that the risks involved with the operation itself are just not worth it, but it is something I and my family have to come to terms with and make a decision over, tomorrow I am sitting down with my youngest (13) and telling her the full story (she just thinks I'm having tests on my hearing atm).

Hi Paul, welcome to BAF from one Brit to another, I hope your company is understanding of your forthcoming operation, I had a burst Feb 2011 when they also found another which was coiled and stented in April this year my company was amazing in their support, maybe it would be good to let your company know that recovery from a treated unruptured annie is less than a ruptured one, it is hard for families so I hope your wife finds some support on here as well. Jill

Paul, Early this year I was diagnosed with 2 aneurysms. One was behind the right eye and the mouth of it was large, so I had to make a decision whether to clip it or not. It is a scary decision and I understand your hesitation to just jump in. For me, I thought about the fact that I have a ten year old son, two daughters and a loving hubby. I want to see my kids graduate from school. I want to be there for all of them when they have challenges. I don't want to have to be taken care of if I can help it. I went through the surgery for them. I had my surgery on May 8th at the National Brain Aneurysm Center, and I am glad that I did because now they know that if a truck runs me over I did all I could to be with them. Knowledge is power. You are lucky to know now about this aneurysm. There are many, many people who wish they would have had that chance. Lots of people have brain surgery every year and recover. Please find a surgeon that does a lot of them and look at his/her statistics and reputation and discuss the procedure with them. It is scary Paul. So many kind people on here know how hard this is and will be here for you as you make your decision. Warmly, Val