Another CTA

I was clipped two years ago and have a smaller 2.5mm we are watching. I’ve had a migraine for 4 dys and been feeling dizzy so I get to go for a CTA ahead of when I was scheduled to. I am more annoyed than scared. I am also mad that I am managing to freak my wife out agin. CTA is scheuled for 2:20pm tomorrow.

How soon will you know the results??? I will be thinking about you!! Don’t panic just yet… One day at a time :)!!

How soon will you know the results??? I will be thinking about you!! Don’t panic just yet… One day at a time :)!!

Probably a day or two. I’m actually not as scared as I am annoyed. I have a trip o England and Scotland booked in January for my 30th anniversary and I’m going damnit!!

30 years!!! That is awesome and I am sure you will be able to go!!! Please keep me posted, I will be thinking about you!!

I know how you feel about freakin your wife.I was cliped about 3weeks and everytime my hubby looks at me i see fear in his eyes.i hate it !it is worse than anything.I hope your test results are good and the trip will be great!
i will pray for you and your wife .

So sorry you have to deal with this - but am really glad that you adn your docs are taking it seriously and getting the scans done. And HOPEFULLY the scans will be reassuring, and the dizziness is “just” migraine related, and you can go on your trip with a clean bill of health, and you’ll know even sooner that that 2.5 one isn’t doing anything troublesome. Sending really good thoughts your way - keep us posted.

And, I also get the annoyed part - the OH %#(@ what NOW??? Like, can’t it just be behind me already!!!@!!! Wishing you the best.

People talk about waiting for the other shoe to drop and I’m thinking how many damn shoes are there!!

Test went fine. Now I get to try and act normal or a few days until results are back…

thinking of you let us know god bless linda

When will you find out? I’d think that if there was something problematic they’d tell you pretty quickly…
And yeah, the shoe-dropping thing…what are we, octupus? (ie…8 legs…ie 8 shoes…probably a really lame non-funny analogy!)

Exaclty. She looks at me but she’s not just looking at me if thast makes sense. If she asks how I am I’m afraid to say I have a little headache because I’ll get “How little. How bad is it? Where is it?”

Trust me if you knew my whole life’s story I’ve used up a cat’s 9 lives a while ago. I’m running on luck, grace and spite!

Ha! People have used the 9 lives analogy with me too. Guess we’re “super-cats!” Will you find out today? They at least better let you know before going into the weekend. Have a good day.
(Now I’ll complain…) I woke with a headache for the 3rd day - not a huge migraine, just a constant headache and I’m mad - I just want it to go away. And I have too much I have to do today - etc etc. Then I feel like I should just be thankful to be alive and stop complaining. BUT my head hurts and I’m sick of it and scared and the thankful/angry stuff just gets complicated.
But I AM thankful to be here, and its a beautiful day outside, so I will just try to stay on the positive side of the street.
Enjoy your day.

Due to the 9 plus lives thing I try to rember I’m lucky to be here and to enjoy every day but sometimes it’s harded than other days. Aneurysms are just so different. Sure anyone can walk out the door and get hit by a bolt of lightning but we have this little time bomb sitting in our head that might never go off or might go off tomortrow. That’s why I tell my wife and try and show her every day that I love her. It will be 30 years next month so I assume she’s figured it out by now but I still need to say it. Same for my “baby” even though he turned 23 back in July.

Thomas I love the comment about the other shoe dropping. It is so true.

Thomas I think we were cut from the same cloth. I have one of those life stories too!

Good luck with this-hope your CTA turns out well, please let us know will pray for positive results.

No news yet? How are the migraine and dizziness? I hope they give you results soon - seems like they should have/would have told you something by now if there was concern. How are you holding up?