Angiogram Test Cost

Does anyone know what it would cost to have a Cerebral Angiogram test done in the USA ? I'm surprised I have not been able to find it anywhere on the net even though I searched hard.

This is not a insurance related issue, I am not a US citizen. If nobody has a an answer on that then do they know the cost of a coiling procedure? Even a "guesstimate" would be a start.

Thank You in advance for any reply I may receive

I believe mine was around 47.000. after completion. This is not including the does not include the doctors appt. following the procedure.

Mine was about $27,000 at Cleveland Clinic…insurance paid

Mine was only 5,000, no insurance…

Mine was about 6,000 after everything. The surgery for stent and coil is well above 20,000. That’s here in Buffalo , New York