Angiogram questions

I am having my first angiogram in 2 weeks for a basilar tip aneurysm that my doc is planning on fixing and am a little nervous. Are these painful, any side effects afterward?

Hi, I do not warry.
I already had 5 angiogram study , of which one in emergency while I was unconscious.
The only effect is you can start walk again the day after the procedure.
I’ m going to have my annual RM control next monday, September 12.
Good luck and take care of you.


I was asked if I wanted a sedative. The first CTA - I didn't. The follow-up CTA one I did and I am glad I did. This time, I did not feel the needle (local anaesthesia) which, for me, was the worst part nor did I feel the tugging and the pulling while they were inserting the guide wires. They do ask you questions while you are in there but the sedative will not blur your ability to respond. As your major femoral artery will be punctured, do not do any heavy lifting. Rest that leg as much as possible (I find 2 days of minimal activities is my limit). I'm sure your hospital will give you more instructions. Make sure you drink lots of water afterwards to flush out the contrast dye otherwise - headaches like I had in my first CTA (and I've had 3 now). Good luck! I know you'll be fine.

Thanks, Giovanni. Does that mean I can’t walk the first day?

The doctor has already told me that they would give me a sedative, which I will take. I didn’t realize that I would need to be careful afterward - I have been asked to help organize an event for the Saturday after, which I think I will now decline. Thanks for the info.

It is mainly the wound in the leg you have to be careful of and the 2 days’ quota is my own personal choice but still no heavy lifting or running, etc immediately or so soon after the CTA. That’s why they make you to stay in bed in hospital for approximately 4 hours after the CTA to make sure the wound is healing well.

Hi Sherri,

I have had two angios and will have a third as a follow up to my surgery in December. I was completely knocked out for both, as the first was an attempt to coil my annie, which failed, and the 2nd was to place the pipeline stent, which was a success. I am not sure if my third angio in December I will be awake -- I hope so because I'm a big chicken!! LOL

I was made to lie for about 4 hours after the first and overnight after the pipeline was put in as I was in ICU. Was not permitted heavy lifting or driving for about 2 weeks, easy with going up steps and things of that nature, but other than that, pretty much ok.

Best wishes and good luck in your upcoming surgery.

I also was completely knocked out for the two I’ve had. My first healed with no discomfort, the second one had more swelling and wasn’t comfortable, but I bled some on the inside so that’s why that one hurt afterwards. Nothing at all unmanageable tho! But yes - you do need to be careful afterwards, they are puncturing a major artery. I live in a 2 story house, and had instructions to only go up and down the stairs once a day for at least a few days.

Hi Sherri...They are really not too painful...a bit of a pinch when they put numbing med in the groin...My first I would asleep...the second they gave me something to is important afterwards to lay straight and still until you are told to sit up...Side effects vary...but some have none...but soreness at the site...

So u don't sure that the next 2 weeks you do some fun things for, a good funny movie, lunch with a friend, shopping...etc.,