Angio set

My angio/cath is set for next Wednesday, Nov. 11 at UCSF. Hopefully, all will go well. I have read stories of people having to wait weeks to get in for their procedure. I just talked to the scheduler yesterday and she came back today with the go ahead from the Dr to set me up. I have never met her but, Hanh, you are an angel. I am so glad I took the pro-active path and called to find out about scheduling. The appointment might have languished for a week or more had I not called. I have been through several heart caths as well as bypass surgery for my husband, so I kind of know what to expect. Just praying for a steady hand for the doctor doing the procedure.

Good thoughts and prayers for everything to go smoothly for you. We have to be proactive sometimes to get things done. I am waiting to have cataract surgery to correct my vision after a ruptured aneurysm last February. I have had one eye done and the other is finally scheduled for Dec 20 th.

hi Judie! our thoughts and prayers are with you for wednessday & the dr of course!

Hi true about being pro~active...something that is really important on this journey...glad you got your appt set~up...keep us posted...and you have my prayers and positive vibes coming your way ~ Colleen

Thanks. I will take all the good wishes and prayers you can spare. Likewise they go out to you.

Thank you for your good thoughts.

Thanks for your thoughts and prayers. I will take all I can get, as well as sending out thoughts andn prayers to others. This is a scary, mysterious road we are travelling, but hopefully all will be right at the end of the journey.