Angio follow up

I am having an angio next Wednesday as a followup to my coiling/stent October 24. I am wondering if anyone had problems afterward - the first angio after surgery, such as headaches, etc. He is going to give me something for my muscles since I am still having problems with my hips since the surgery - I already know I will not be able to lift, etc.

I have been also having several new problems since the October 24 surgery - my blood pressure has been high (I was already on very low amount BP medicine, but it skyrocketed after and still is high), weight gain, high sugar level - am now considered pre-diabetic, and I get breathless after any exertion, including walking less than 1 block. I have had an echo-cardiagram and the results were that my heart looked very good. I finally just had the pulmonary function test and don't have those results yet. I am now taking my BP drug (atenolol) twice a day.

Has anyone else had symptoms such as this after endovascular surgery? I had coils and a stent? Just wondering


Hi Sherry

I am so sad to read that you're having all these problems post-op, and sorry to say that I don't have any knowledge yet of these things ,so I cannot comment. But for certain I shall be praying for you and keeping you in my heart on Wednesday when you go for your angio.

All my best till Wed.




yes, especially glucose...can't remember if you had ruptured or not; how long in hospital, etc .

Did you have a new bloodtest for your follow-up next week?

Glucose: Dexamethasone (decadron) impacts glucose; mine raised quickly in hospital w/mammoth dexa; my glucose stays slightly above range; i.e. 102; +/- ; this range yearly after 2003...

Vitamin B12 measured in MCV ;

B6 measured in MCH

Potassium: range 3.5-5.3 I am in low range; take daily; extreme potassium IVs post-coiling

Creatinine: eval kidney function, i.e. before a CT scan (or angio) may damage kidney function.

GFR: (estimated glomerular filtraton rate) relates to creatinine and BUN; GFR goes down when creainine goes up; My research notes kidney diseases can take a long time to advance. First noticed some issues in 2008 when I was having other brain issues The Visipaque and Oxilan contrast sites note the potential impacts on kidneys and more:

My BP was 112/70 the day of bloodtests; I take no meds; usuualy ranges 110-125/65-80; higher when I drive an hour, find parking, then the office; drops back reasonably fast.

My mini-explanations are condensed off websites.

At least this may help you with questions for your doctors on your issues.