Angio and AVM surgery

Had my angiogram last Wednesday. Doctors think the best route to go would be coiling and stenting as the neck on the one is rather large. However, the AVM surgery has to be done first before I go on the Plavix and aspirin. Tentatively scheduled for June 27. Have an appointment to talk to the doctor on June 18 about the surgery. I've been doing alot of reading about this type of surgery and it seems to have alot of risk involved. Has anyone had this surgery and if so what was the outcome? It scares me to death, but so does the idea of a rupture.

Cheryl, what are they planning to do about your AVM? Usual options are embolization, Gamma Knife, or craniotomy.

My AVM isn't a good candidate for either embo or crani--too large for embo & too high risk of visual & motor deficits with a crani. I'm having GK to shrink it, but it can take a couple of years to see results. (Two GK treatments down, one more to go!)

If you want to talk to more people with AVMs, you can go to (I'm over there, too.)

As far as I know they are planning on doing a craniotomy and taking it out completely. That's what he talked about when they found it.

I am so sorry...I haven't had AVM I am not much help...

Please keep us posted on everything...and you have my prayers...~ Colleen

Hi Cheryl,

The Angioma Alliance has a lot of information about the surgery:

I have an Angioma and an Aneurysm. My Angioma is on wait and watch status and I'm praying I don't have another bleed. I am going to have the Aneurysm clipped in October, hopefully.

Good Luck,