Aneurysms and hormone replacement therapy for menopause

hello, 3 years ago i was diagnosed with 2 brain aneurysms less than 3 mm , i was told at the barrow clinic they are too small to clip, and i should go back home and enjoy life, of course I have an MRI every year…
I was told by my endocrinologist studies suggest that when a woman enters menopause the lack of or low estrogen levels can create the scenario for aneurysms and or rupture of these due to the weakening of the vein walls, so, in short he asked me to use my estrogen patches religiously … which i hate (weight issues , bloating etc) has anyone more info on this? I am scared to go of the hormones because of this

Find a doctor who does hormone replacement therapy doo you can get progesterone, too. The hormones are compounded and more natural than the patch.

Thanks for responding, I also take progesterone once a month, thats what bloats me terribly, can you please explain about the compounded hormones?
thank you!

The compounded hormones have to be mixed by hand at the pharmacy. I use estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone.The estrogen and testosterone are creams that I rub on once a day. The progesterone is a capsule that I take at bedtime. In lower doses the progesterone can be in a pill that dissolves under your tongue.Taken regularly, progesterone helps you sleep and makes you more calm. Look in your area for a doctor who specializes in hormone replacement therapy.

Thanks so much!!! Just one more question, has it affected your weight?

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