I have to stay awake all AGAIN! This is so they can check my brain and make sure everything is ok. I hope so.

The DOC told me, and showed us the pics of my brain, a couple of infarcts..dead cells..nice to the communication. I could get seizure, chances low. But if I did back to Keppra.......................would not be good for me.

I walked out of his office feeling like a freak. Holes in my head, hair covering most of them, but it feels awful when I run fingers across them. Then told I have an infarction

in my brain....I will recup from this...........onward ho.....................Sage

452-001ABANDOMENT.jpg (42.3 KB)


It's okay. I was on Keppra over two years. It is better to be on the Keppra than to have a seizure somewhere (while you're driving, on the stairs, etc.) It will be four years in May for me, the holes are still there but one day you will not even notice them anymore. It is who we are now. Remember what could have happened to us. We could be gone but we are here. One day at a time, Sage. You will get through this. It will get better. Write to me anytime. I will be there for you. Take care.


Sage...You are not a Freak, but a Survivor...

Sending Cyber Hugs your way...and Gotcha in my Thoughts....