Aneurysm Still Filling After Pipeline Stent Put In- What to try next?

I had a pipeline stent put in, but at my six-month angio, it show that the stent either shrank or moved so that it’s not blocking the artery completely. My aneurysm is still filling and still the same size. Has anyone else had this and what was the course of treatment?
Thanks in advance,

Hi Helen, I am a 62 year old Woman with lots of plans and 7 Grandchildren!! I had a coiling and pipeline sent put in in July of 2015 and part of it has never stopped filling so I had another pipeline put inside the first one in June of 2017 and now we are considering a crani. I will know more in a week after my Docs have a conference with other Docs to get more input! My point is keep talking to your Doc and they will find a way to keep you going! Best of life my Friend! Keep us posted!

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