Anesthesia risk for unruptured aneurysm

I am planning on some elective surgery soon, (tummy tuck) and wonder about the risk of anesthesia. Am I putting myself at further risk to the aneurysm? (Med size, internal carotid, non ruptured, ten year history).

Hi Judy,

Why do you want elective surgery? Fixing my Annie and the journey to recovery has put me of having any unnecessary surgery for life. I have never been so scared and for so long. Any surgery is a risk and no one knows when your Annie will bleed out so why create problems for yourself?

Jennifer x

I too have wondered about future surgery of any kind. It has been 10 yrs. since my clipping. I don't even like to go to the dentist. Would love to know if there are any risk.

I have not had any intervention for my aneurysm. I have done research regarding anesthesia, and found nothing so far. Would love a physician's input.

Hi Judy,

I had my coiling in January and had 2 cataract surgerys in March and a kidney surgery in April. So I'm here and alright so far. Actually the doctors will decide whether or not you can or can't. Good luckl

Added stress on your body is not a good thing. They watched my aneurysm for 4 years. I had surgeries,not elective, and they believe the added stress on my body contributed to me having to have surgery on my aneurysm. Think twice, ok! Good luck.

Hi Judy,

I have had several surgeries that required general anesthesia since my rupture and learning that I was living with unruptured aneurysms. The other surgeons have always consulted my neurosurgeons and received letters okaying the surgery. Thankfully, I have had no issues.

As a rule, I try to avoid procedures that are not medically necessary because of the general risks associated with anesthesia. This is my personal choice.

take care.