An Update for Chris H

Hello all!

I was talking to Chris H. today & she wanted me to let everyone know that her clipping surgery went well & she was at home. Last night she started with signs of epilepsy which she had never had & was rushed to her local hospital. She will be there again tonight, until they sort out what she is taking. If there are any updates, I'll be sure to post them here..

~ Jane

hi Jane! thank you, we'll keep her in our thoughts and prayers~~

Hi Jane...You are such a dear...Thank you for updating us on Chris...and my goodness the poor thing...she will continue in my prayers and thoughts ... ~ Colleen

Thank you for the update, Jane. I will continue to pray for her and watch for updates.

~ Carol

Hi Jane,

Thanks for letting us know, tell her we're thinking of her and sending healing vibes,

Peace, Janet

Thanks for letting us know

I'll keep her in my prayers, Best Wishes!

Jane...thank you here for this update...

Prayers for and all in decision process, in treatment, and, in recovery...