Almost had the job! AGAIN!

Welll another job I almost had! As soon as they find out I have to take meds every thing changes!!!!!!

Sorry about the Job Julie...why do they have to know about the meds ?


its a state facility,

State facility should not matter! How many people take meds on a daily basis..I am sorry that you missed out on it because of meds...Just is not right!



I am so sorry ... something doesn't seem you have to disclose the medications you are taking?

Well maybe it just wasn't meant to be...Gotcha in my Thoughts...Colleen

yep i know! life is not fair ,

oh well as they say when one door closes another one opens !

borderline , discrimination, there i said it !!!

its a security regulation, any script meds have to be oked, (((())))))) back at ya!

Oh ok...I guess I understand that Julie...but it still sucks...


thats ok ,,,, the pay was way to cheep and doubtful about benefits, the way I look at it ,, a big loss to them,,, I have experience and they had no need to train me ,,,, i will send them a thank-you note tomorrow.