Almost 5 months out

Just an update on my mom… Our insurance finally approved her to go to a SNF and she has been there for almost 2 weeks. They have been working with her everyday, and finally she is getting the therapy and attention she needs! She started eating purée foods and is almost ready for the next step, and she is moving a bit more. When she exercises, she can go further and further without grimacing in pain.

My only concern is that she seems to not be responding as much as before, or initiating talking, or even nodding yes or no. It seemed to me she has regressed a bit, and I expressed concerned with her new doctor about it, along with all the medications she’s on. I’ve read on this site how medications can make someone groggy, or just plain out of it, and I truly think this is what is going on. She is on 3 different blood pressure meds, Zofran(?) nausea medication, (she’s had an issue vomiting lately) a drug for alertness which was recently doubled, still on seizure meds (although never had one) and now some drug for her stiffness which completely made her pass out today. I called the doctor and he said this was normal. I’ve tried to research these drugs but I don’t know which ones she really needs and it just seems like she is overdosed… Antidepressant starts tomorrow as well. Ugh. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!!

Chris...I am so sorry for all you and your mother (and family) are going through...

I can only suggest you secure her records...request itemized billing to track the mass of meds while she was hospitalized... for things like Zofran, sodium nitroprusside, labetalol and any anti-biotics... the lateral is my personal opinion...particularly when it was started...

Public Citizen has the which costs $20/ easy to read / compare drugs...

I do not use initial subscription was gifted to me...since then, renew mine and continue to gift..

The ProPublica website has a great deal of info on tracks type/volume by name and location...

Then...ask each doc who prescribed for your mom for what purpose/cause/symptom...for comparison to the FDA labeling to the potential off-label reason...easily compared to the sites noted above...

Prayers for your best decision and your mother's best possible recovery...


Hey Chris,

I don't blame you to be wary of the drugs your mom is on...What drugs have been added to your moms daily reginment since she was released from the hospital?

You might want to get a list from the SKN of all the medications she's currently on...then check out all the drugs by way of the internet...A good source of info is Drugs.Com where you can easily research each drug, plus a section within the site to check for drug interactions (really handy) as well as side effects of each. Also the site will note any disease interactions the particular drug (or drugs) have been found to instigate (For instance, Zofran has been known to cause problems with liver function).

I'm glad to hear you got thru to the insurance company and that your mom is on the mend, and i'm really glad you're "on it"! Keep your head up, Chris. Thanks for the update,

Peace, Janet

Hi Chris - so happy to hear your mom is getting the therapy she needs. I know when I started the daily therapy, I was so incredibly tired that I was a bit out of it when visiting with my family and friends. Therapy is hard work - physically and mentally. When I wasn't in therapy I just wanted to rest. I think it's wonderful that you are questioning why your mom seems to be regressing, but maybe she is just tired. My Husband had a nurse print out my drug list and she wrote what each was for - I actually ended up back in ICU after I was stepped down because of a drug interaction. After that we were very aware of everything I was taking..actually had a nurse tell me that mistakes with drugs happen "all the time" and it was great that my husband was involved. Thanks for the update on your Mom - sounds like she is progressing well.

Take Care,


Glad the insurance finally approved a facility for mother and treatment...I am not familiar with a lot of her meds so I am not sure I can help you out with your mom...however, I do know I am very sensitive to most medications and the more I am on the more they conflict with each other...and have talk to Doctor's about slowly taking me off certain ones...some I have no choice, but other's I felt were too have to talk to Doc's carefully or they will take it personally...but sometimes we have to be our own advocate and/or parent advocate...If you are truly concern...I would schedule and appointment with the social worker at the facility and discuss with her/him and ask how this problem can be approached...~ Thoughts out to you and your mom ~ Colleen

Hi Chris,

So glad to hear all the positive news from your mom! I think physical therapy exhausts her and she is too tired to respond. Keep up the good work! You remind me that I need to ask about the drugs my mom is on. I know she has drugs that help her to control the cough and seizure. I wish I can see her everyday.