Airoplane traveling

Hi peeps

Hope everyone is doing well and for those not feeling so good hope you get bettered up real soon.

was just wandering if anyone has had problems with flying with coils, my dr says I am good to fly and my metal head won't set off any alarms, but was wandering if I can expect head hurty? Thanks

Best Wishes


I flew 2 mos post surgery, and again about 4 mos post surgery (round trip both times - so 4 flights) and was totally fine (tho asked the same questions before I flew). Hope you're flying somewhere for fun reasons!


HI Gaynor~

I have coils and am watching a remnant. I have flown cross country twice without any issues. Makes for long days, but no headaches, or dizzyness, or any other alerts ever even entered my mind. Go enjoy a trip away!


Hi Jaycie,

Thanks for that, and hope you are all bettered up now and the eyes are no longer giving you Jip.

I am actually relocating from Virginnia to Dallas in July and figured i'd start the ball rolling at begining of the new journey, and soooo relieved to think I shld be good to fly, was not looking forward to the walk hahahaha..... guess I'd best start looking into at all the easy stuffs now like finding a new medical team...but yaaay its all fun!

Best Wishes


Hi Gaynor

Well l guess I just didn't look very hard, cause here you are, and well at that. I've travelled twice since my surgery in Dec. and I'm travelling again in a week. I had no problems what so ever, didn't even set the alarm off.

Hi Gaynor…I haven’t flown yet since my coils, but Doc said not a problem…Have a beautiful day…and a Happy Memorial Day to You…! Colleen

Hi Teddy…Yaaaay still around just been in the crowd observing… Hope your offsie somewhere nice fro your trip.

Thanks Colleen, and back atcha.... n best Wishes Gaynor.