Aioli icu four hourprocrdure

Alive and well, hopeful and grateful amen anafa

Great news Anafa! Rest and let your brain heal! Keep us posted on your recovery!


Ellie, How wonderful for you! I’m glad you’re now on the other side so to speak and ready to tackle life.

Hi Anafa, Good news!!! Happy for you!!!

Didn't realize Vassar did Brain Surgery, but I've been away forever, that's sure closer than Albany Medical Center for you. You will be back and running in no time. Do love those PED's. I get my third in May.

Hi allrhZnks! Such a relief. Some difficult recovery issues Prednisone made me agitated and anxious couldn’t sleep at all last night. Today hypoglycemia awoke me from deep sleep and heartbeat very high. I have panic disorder which makes recovery very difficult, but brain seems to be doing well thus far, gonna rest unto ready, thaNk you eliie anafa

Prednisone and I don’t get along either Ellie! Luckily we are not on it for too long. It takes me awhile to get the anesthesia out of my system and my brain is very sluggish until then. Keep hydrated, it really does help.

Brain is functioning and clear thankfully am hydrating nurse can’t believe how much is being voided!! Bad headacheds and mouth jaw pain but grateful. Thank you!!!