Aftermath from coiling procedure

I just had my carotid artery coiled with 2 stents this past Nov 7th. Ever since then besides the headaches and the dizziness that has set hard on me around the clock, I have also experienced my feet getting very heavy like paper weight like trying to pull diwn my body at the same time a weakness over comes me. I feel my head weird like a passing out feeling, had anyone felt this way after coiling procedure? I also loose concentration ill be thinking about something and immefiately my thoughts change to something that had nothing to do with what I was thinking at that moment.

Had bad headaches for 3 months and some concentration issues but none of the other things. Also, balance issues due to loss of sight in one eye.

I was coiled June 18, 2013. I've had some pain where the catheter was inserted. Some confusion, loss of concentration and feeling off. My doctor says its not related to my coiling. I did have a few headaches for the first month and that went away. I have had two coiled and was left with a third inoperable aneurysm. I am waiting the diversion stent approval here in Colorado. Once that is available an attempt will be made to stent my third inoperable aneurysm. Recently I found out that having this coiling procedure done, I was exposed to 10,000 plus rem of radiation which the average person gets 800 rem per year radiation. It concerned me so, that I canceled my second angio the 6 month followup which was to be done this Dec 23. I want to wait another 3 to 6 months to give my body time to drop off other radiation treatments especially all the 2 CTA scans no die, and the 1 CTA scans with dye and other xrays (knee, mammo, teeth, chest ) that were done within this year. Putting me well over 13,000 REM as I live in Denver. I understand my chances of getting cancer now are much higher but that the body does eradicate the effects of radiation. So hopefully by the time I get my second followup and perhaps at that time the diversion stent will be available and it will be one swoop again of 10,000 crazy REMs of radiation... so anyway take care!

Thanks for replying Lily! So sorry about your eye, I hope your balance gets better. =) How are you feeling on your concentration?

Thanks Susan! Wow, yes it is a big concerned using so much radiation! Take ypur percautions but dont miss your follow-ups those are the only window to see your progress and usher you help when needed. I also have 3 aneurysms, one treated on Jan 18th with pipeline stent alone, the 2nd coiled the one Im recovering now and the 3rd will be coiled as well sometime next year. I pray for God"s healing over you!

I had my coiling procedure on 12/4. I have headaches and dizziness. My headaches may not be related to the coiling. I suffer from migraines and sinus headaches before the aneurysm. I do, however, suffer dizziness that will not pass. Even when I am in bed, I feel like the room is moving and I am going to pass out. My concentration is completely off. I went back to work on this Wednesday and could not get anything accomplished. I notice mostly that I cannot complete sentences sometimes. I stumble over words. I cannot focus too long on any one thing. I thought it was normal and was going to give it a couple of months. Well, after reading your post, I will discuss with my doctor when I see him on January 7th. I hope that you feel better soon.

Knowing -

Yes, I unfortunately have many of the symptoms you describe. My surgery was 9/30/13. The surgeons continually told me that the headaches would pass but seemed confused about the dizziness. In fact, I did lose consciousness after the cerebral angiogram and that caused a concussion. And still get those same staprange feelings I had prior to passing out. I had never lost consciousness before in my life and they told me it was something they never heard of (I ended up in the ER). I am searching for answers from other doctors - my GP started me on therapy (physical therapy) for the dizziness and I see a concussion or vestibular specialist. That has helped because the dizziness can get so bad that it feels like the ground is opening up. Hang in there. Explore all your options and other doctors for answers. These are all symptoms of something else going on. My theory is I have to work with folks willing to search for the root cause, rather than just poo-poo it and say it is unrelated. It IS related to SOMETHING :slight_smile: the goal is to find what that something is. Be well, Lauren

I haven’t had my coiling yet but what you describe sounds so much like what I experienced for a full 2 months after my angiogram. I have attributed it to anxiety or adrenal fatigue, or possibly the contrast dye wreaking havoc with my thyroid. I guess what I’m saying is it seems that many of us have these sorts of symptoms after a procedure, and perhaps the coils aren’t the cause but other factors involved in the procedure - dye, radiation, anesthesia, stress, etc. Are you seeing any improvement at all, even if very minor?