Advice and input needed

I’ve been seeing the same neurovascular surgeon for 2.5 years since my aneurysm ruptured and two (?) others were discovered. Although I have never really liked her as far as bedside manner, listening and approach go she is highly recommended and one of the best on the east coast so I set all that aside.
I always met with her nurse first and told her of all my issues with pain, headaches, dizziness, loss of balance, vision problems, etc. then when the doctor say with my none of these symptoms were addressed. I had to gripe about it and finally about ten months ago the doctor referred me to a neurologist but first told me that it looks like this is as good as it’s going to get for me.
Anyway, about 7 months ago during an angiogram I was given something to calm me and I had the reverse reaction where I started shaking. The doctor told me to stay still, of course and I said that I couldn’t. There was discussion between her and the assistants and that’s when I remembered that during a hospital stay years prior I was given Ativan and had the same reaction. I told her this and I was given something else. The shakes stopped and the angiogram continued. While an assistant was applying pressure to my groin the doctor came to my other side and condescendingly asked my why I didn’t tell her that I was allergic to the Versed that she gave me. I said that I had no idea I was. She said that Ativan and Versed are in the same family and I should know that. So I said how should I know that. I’m not a doctor. Her response to that was that I need to make sure I tell her this for next time and to tell every doctor this.
So, a month ago I had my six month angiogram and EVERYONE I met with prior, including my doctor herself, was told by me about the reaction I had the last time. To my knowledge this should be written in my file and not the responsibility of someone with a brain injury.
Then on the day of the aneurysm I was given Versed AGAIN and when the shaking began my doctor demanded that I stay still so she could take pictures. She did this three times I think until the shaking got the best of me and I was given more drugs and I don’t remember much more after that except the assistants telling me that my head kept falling off the head rest.
I’m on Medicaid and I’m wondering if this doctor might have a problem with Medicaid patients.
How wrong is what went on? Is there some action that I should take? Should I walk away from this and just find a new doctor?

Hi ... Sweetie...I am so sorry this happened...but no one here can know what your Doctor was thinking and/or not thinking...That being said in a perfect world it should be in your file (any and all allergic reactions)...but often it is up the patient and the person that brings them into the hospital, etc., to inform any and all staff of any medications, allergic reactions, etc., Basically being one's own medical advocate is important...If this was me...and I was ok for the most part...I would find another Neurologist/Neurosurgeon, etc., and after I am comfortable with my new Doctor...I would contact patient complaints at this facility and inform them of what you went through...this is all just my personal opinion.

Please take care of YOU...Colleen

Thank you for your reply. I am going to find a new neurovascular surgeon. I understand that I am responsible for myself when it comes to these situations but what really bothers me is that I did remind her about what

Happened the last time with the reaction to the Versed and she gave it to me again and then demanded that I remain still.

LeahAnn I agree with you ... it was very wrong after your reminded her of your allergic reaction...and if you feel you need to take this further ... that is strictly up to you...Gotcha in my Heart...~ Colleen

Hi LeahAnn,

While I agree, that we as patients, do not have the expertise to know what medications are in the same family...until we have an adverse reaction to a med; how the heck is anyone to know this? This does sound like a good opportunity to seek out a 2nd opinion where you feel completely comfortable including; bedside manner, listening and approach. Just be sure to get a copy of all scans and reports in preparation for a potential change so that you can provide this to a new doctor if this is what you choose. As far as some actions; the only action I would take is to provide some constructive feedback to the doctor; whether that be in email or a discussion, on how you felt -- just maybe she'll take some of this into consideration and will make a difference with her other patients.

All the best in whatever route you choose to take!


LeahAnn, You have been through quite an ordeal. It has been my experience with different hospitals that once they are aware of your allergies it is in your chart. Sounds like someone fell down on the job of getting that notated in yours. I do think that I would gather all of your records including imagine discs and seek a 2nd opinion, so that this doesn't happen to you again. Personally, I think a complaint to the hospital would be appropriate.

Take Care and keep us posted

~ Carol