A sincere thank you and an apology

first, i'd like to thank all of you wonderful people here who have so generously shared your stories and love. i'm grateful to have found such a wonderfully supportive group of people. i hate the circumstances that brought us all here but i'm grateful we were able to find each other. thank you for listening to me and my problems. i truly appreciate all the advice, support and love. not to mention the lovely virtual hugs.

also, i'd like to apologize for not being here often. my issues are still very new and i'm dealing with so much, it's very difficult to reach out to others right now. i feel so selfish but the after effects of having a brain aneurysm has left me completely exhausted and w/chronic nausea which makes every day a struggle. i do hope to come back one day much stronger and with the ability to help others along on this journey. at this time, i don't have much to give as i'm still trying to get through every day.

much love to all of you and i wish you healing, happiness and love.



Wishing you the best for your recovery. To prevent, reduce, nausea, I munch on uncrystalized ginger. And, I like ginger, anyway. Do hope you will keep in touch with updates when you have time. I drop on/off routinely; because I cannot do/think of two things in a day.

Hugs and prayers,


Kathy, you don't need to apologize to anyone! --- Take care of yourself and get plenty of rest. I was clipped in April 2011 and there are still days when I tire easily and need to take a day of rest. I hope that the chronic nausea can be treated in some way. My latest issue has been saying the wrong words -- often -- calling grapefruit -cantelopes, and cranberries are strawberries - it's driving my husband crazy! Hope you have a good weekend.

Kathy, never feel like you have to apologize for anything. Thats what nice about this site. We've all been there, done that. Like the advise I got from this site was take care of yourself first & get rest, rest rest. Its been 17 months, I still need to take a nap in the afternoon. I've had 2 surgery, with 26 coils the first one & 9 + stent the second one. As for husband support, mine is about the same as yours. I don't think they realize just we are going through. He's been doing most of the cooking & dishes but thats about all. I'm back to working full time, but some days it is hard. Even my family doesn't understand. I don't think anyone understands unless your going through it. Now I'll get off my soapbox. Just take care & hang in there. it does get better but takes time. Don't you hate that comment?

Thinking of you.


may i say i hope you feel better and the nauseau is or can be vertigo

hi kat,

i had my rupture back n october 2009..it is a tough road at first but just know it will get better. your outlook and positive feelings to the future make all the difference. you sound like you are well along your way..know that we are here to cheer n motivate you on the way...its a rocky road, just get plenty of rest n be sure to listen to your brain and body...love n prayers..michelle n texas;)

Hi Kat...You donot worry...we are all here for each other and to pick up the pieces for those who can't be here enough....rest and heal...but be sure to update us from time to time...Cyber~thoughts ... Colleen

Hi, Kathy.

I am fairly new at this myself - my coiling and stent was done October 24, 2011 - and I have a lot on my plate right now, so I am not on the forum as much as I would like. First off - an apology is never needed when you are still going through so much recovery yourself. I applaud the survivors who have said they were back at work in no time and doing great - however, I and many others were not that fortunate. Just being here and voicing your concerns and fears help many others to confront their own who may not be able to share at this time.

In my opinion, just being on the forum is giving. Don't underestimate yourself.

Healing thoughts to all,