A painting and words by Rumi

When I read these words, It reminds me of where I’ve been and where I’m still going. Since all this happend, 3 months.

I’ve had the opportunity to do and see 3 things that I never thought would happen. 1: Drive and see Vegas…2: See the Hoover Dam…3: See Circus de Soleil. Front row seats.

I did all 3 and in a few more months, will get to welcome my grand-daughter as I will be not only the waiting Gradma, but the birth participant as The Birth Doula for my kids. See, God has big plans…that no brain annie can hold us down.

S0 my new friends, keep on making your plans, keep adding to that bucket list. It will happen if we truly want to do it. God Bless! Hugs to you all.