A little silly but I find this to be uplifting


Pictures and short videos of dogs/cats. Helpful to take your mind off things and make you smile!


Not silly at plaything that makes you smile has to be a good thing

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NOT SILLY!!! I think someone here should start a thread that contains people’s favourite animal videos. Then those of us who love to watch them can just graze the thread and smile!

I’ll share one of my favourites, even if it’s not dogs and cats:
Baby elephants who want to be lap dogs. (click on the blue writing)

Have a smilin’ Sunday!


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Hi… Kinda new at this, but I have run an animal(dog/cat) rescue gor years. I can agree that I became an advocate of animals, because, after years of fealing unaccepted, by two alcoholic parents, only to have my first son join their addiction, animals were truely all I had as an earthly comfort zone. My anxieties were many times thwarted by their companionship and undemanding love. All they want is a pat on the head and enough nourishment to be there for you ant anytime you will call for them. Havent met many humans that way in all my 71 yrs… But still hoping. Lol

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Haha Have to love the animal humor. 3 weeks out from pipeline surgery and in 2 weeks I’m getting my new Jack Russell puppy. Am I crazy??? So excited!! Now the real problem might be my 4 year old dog Charlie Sue. Keep you posted

Hi Ann I just logged on and noticed you are so in tune with animals . Good for you , I am thinking of getting a dog and have a cat. No better companionship sounds like you have had a tough life but to seek solace I animals shows you still have empathy and compassion. Hang in there. My husband had a stage 4 bleeding anni . Sadly our marriage died as he does not like me now I have done everything humanly possible to get him through this . He could have an excellent recovery but he thinks he is hurting me by not going the rest of the way like simple excersise. He walks but refuses to do physio. Anyway I’m on my own now with my pets . How are you doing we talked some time ago.

Palhuc, I’m so sorry to hear that your relationship with your husband has deteriorated. From the start, though, he was pretty negative, wasn’t he? I remember that you you had the terrible struggles with feeding. These kinds of crises are so hard on everyone, and especially on a caregiver/spouse when the patient does invest as much in the recovery as the caregiver.

I admired your strength when you first joined us, and I admire you now for looking ahead and thinking of ways of looking after yourself by thinking about other members of your emotional family like your pets. I think getting a dog is a fantastic idea! I think it’s just what you need: the relationship with a dog is positive, simple and mutual. I didn’t grow up with dogs, but I’m very much a dog mom now.

You’re doing a great job: hang in there, and hang out here!


Hi, Glad to hear from you & so sorry to hear of all your troubles. I know what having those kind of troubles involved. Your emotions are already torn up by the fact that he had the surgery in the first place. Then to be made to feel responsible for the rest
of his care makes it even harder. I think that’s exactly why I love animals so much and relate to them so easily. They always love you unconditionally…no matter what words or actions you choose. They never blame!
I’m glad to hear that you are going to add a dog to the family. When I used to get talks at the library to people that were thinking of choosing animals into their family but told him that always felt that a dog is a pack animal and even though, we
become part of their pack…there are often times that we have to leave & then they find themselves lonely.

I was the scapegoat in my family…& Felt I’d been walked off the proverbial cliff hundreds if not thousands of times…only to marry & go thru it then too. So…WARNING! Read “Co-Dependency No More”. If you see yourself in it…read it again.

We, women, by nature, nurturers are gifted, taught & nearly insistent on saving our loved ones…no matter the cost. While, sometimes, were actually more successful at it if we “gift” them with their options.

Now, for me. I’ve had 3 arteriograms, 2 mras & seem ok. However, after having had the largest unruptured Annie Mercy spfd has seen, now they have found me with a rare spine condition…it’s called a Sryinx. It’s brain fluid in my spine in both the
lumbar & thorasic region. Pain is great at times, ok on others…& I still refuse analgesics. I’ll be 73 in June. I’d like to be aware. Lol.

My oldest son…a narcissist…just had a radical neck dissection from oral cancer…refuses to do the right things. I totally get your frustrations. Tell your husband…that the patient is truely the best advocate for the best outcome. Only he can decide
what outcome he desires & that you honor his decisions, no matter the results.

I will be praying for you & he. You contact me any time. I’m alone & when not rattling…a decent listener.