A Little about my surgery

My surgery happened in august last year its been a crazy time since then for me. Im healing pretty good the doctors are aurprised i even survived they are even more surprised im healing as well as i am. its very emotional as youguys know, sometimes i wonder if things will ever get better but i know that by the grace of god they will

Latasha, welcome; and know you will get so much fed back and help as begun by Sue.

When you have time, tell us about your child in the picture.

Many prayers for your continued recovery


Hi Latasha,

Thanks be to God that you are surviving and thriving.

Every doctor who has seen me in the last 43 years has, regardless of specialty, been amazed that I survived my rupture and how well I have done. I welcome you to the club of those who have received amazing blessings.

My experience is things do get better. But, your brain never forgets what happened to it!

Take care.